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Procedure of the admission process of journals in the SciELO Brazil Collection

To be included in SciELO Brazil, the journal must follow the criteria for admission and permanence in the Collection, described in the document " SciELO Brazil Criteria: criteria, policies and procedures for the admission and permanence of scientific journals in the SciELO Brazil Collection".

The SciELO Brazil Collection indexes and makes available online in open access full texts of Brazilian scientific journals of all areas of knowledge that publish mainly unpublished articles resulting from original scientific research which undergo peer review on the articles content and relevance.

The admission process begins with the voluntary submission of a request for evaluation by the journal’s editor in charge, by means of a letter to the Advisory Committee justifying the submission, accompanied by the following documents:

a. The journal’s electronic address (URL) and the specifications of the last three published issues, with their respective location;
b. The form used by the journal in the process of analysis and approval of manuscripts (peer review form);
c. The evaluation form filled in with the journal’s data <>; and
d. A letter in response to previous recommendations and/or requests (for journals that have already been evaluated). After filled in, the evaluation form and the peer review form should be sent to the SciELO Unit to the e-mail: <>. 

Upon gathering the documents, the evaluation process follows the pre-assessment stages of the journal on the fulfillment of the formal conditions for admission into the SciELO Brazil Collection, format and endogeny evaluation, evaluation of scientific relevance by peers and evaluation by the Advisory Committee. All decisions regarding the admission and permanence of journals in the SciELO Brazil Collection are taken exclusively by the Advisory Committee.

For additional information on the journals selection process of the SciELO Brazil Collection, consult the documents available at <> or contact the SciELO Unit through the email <>.

* Only the current journal issues (and within the informed periodicity) will be considered. Special numbers and supplements will not be considered in the evaluation process.
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