Figure 1 - Gastric emptying and gastrointestinal and intestinal transits of a liquid meal in awake rats. Under ethereal anesthesia the animals were randomly submitted to laminectomy (sham-operation) or to complete spinal cord transection (SCT) between C7 and T1 vertebrae. GE and GI and intestinal transit measurements were performed 15 min, 6 h or 24 h after recovery from anesthesia. After receiving a test meal (0.5 mg/ml of phenol red in 5% glucose solution), the animals were sacrificed 10 min later. A and B, GE and GI transit percentages, respectively, in sham-operated or in SCT animals after 1.5 ml test meal gavage. C, Small intestinal transit percentages in sham-operated or in SCT animals after intraduodenal administration of 1.0 ml of the test meal. *P<0.05, SCT vs paired sham-operated group (Student-Newman-Keuls test).