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Figure 5 - Liver histology of germfree (A,C) and L. acidophilus UFV-H2b20-monoassociated Swiss mice (B,D). Note the increase in the number of Kupffer cells (arrows) in liver of monoassociated mice. Stained histological samples of liver were examined using a computerized image analyzer system composed of a standard binocular microscope (Zeiss) attached to an IBM compatible computer using the KS 300 program to count cells. Hepatocytes and Kupffer cells were counted in 5 fields (53334.4 Ám2/field) for each sample. Germfree animals had 107.5 ▒ 16.5 hepatocytes/field, 21.5 ▒ 4.9 Kupffer cells/field and a ratio of 0.20 Kupffer cells/hepatocyte. Monoassociated mice had 86.3 ▒ 17.6 hepatocytes/field, 36.0 ▒ 5.57 Kupffer cells/field and a Kupffer cell/hepatocyte ratio of 0.42. Hematoxylin-eosin staining. Magnification bars: A and B, 400 Ám; C and D, 200 Ám.