Fig. 5 (figs in same scale): Prosthenhystera obesa. Total view of mature specimens (uterus not represented) demonstrating variation in body and testes size and shape of specimens from different hosts. A: no. 16.563 from Triurobrycon lundii. B: no. 31.818a from Caranx gibbosus. C: no. 33.234 from Cynopotamus amazonum. D: no. 33.256 from Pseudopimelodus roosevelti. E: no. 11.270 from Astyanax bimaculatus. F: no. 33.266 from Galeocharax humeralis. G: no. 33.240 from Leporinus copelandii. H: no. 33.252a from Salminus brevidens. I: no. 16.231 from Pseudopimelodus roosevelti.