Figures 1 - 4

Intestine of Euraphia rhyzophorae midgut. Fig. 1: GR: gregarines in syzygy; INT: intestine; NU: nucleus; MR: stock material, TC: connective tissue. Gallocyanin and Chromotop 2R. 250x. Fig. 2: intestinal epithelium (EP). Gallocyanin and Eosin. 250x. Fig. 3: EP; ESP: spores inside intestine cells; VC: hyalin vacuoles and dark spores. Heidenhain's Iron Hematoxylin. 250x. Fig. 4: GR in pancreatic secretion. TB: conducting tube of pancreatic secretion; GE: pancreatic gland. Gallocyanin and Chromotrop 2R. 250x.