The growing competition in Brazilian science: rites of passage, stress and burnout. L. de Meis, A. Velloso, D. Lannes, M.S. Carmo and C. de Meis. Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research, 36 (9): 1135, 2003.

Figure 1. Scientific publications, authors, and expenditures in science and technology. A, Brazilian authors appearing in publications indexed by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI; open circles); number of scientific publications (articles, reviews and letters) originating in Brazil and published in journals indexed by ISI (filled circles). B, Total federal expenditures on science and technology. Values in Brazilian currency (reais) were converted to US dollars using the average annual exchange rate. Source: "SIAFI/STM - Elaboração: Consultoria de orçamento/CD e PRODASEN".