A functional study of caustic strictures of the esophagus in children. E.A.L. Da-Costa-Pinto, T.K. Dorsa, A. Altimani, N.A. Andreollo, S.R. Cardoso, D.J. Morais and J.M. Bustorff-Silva. Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research, 37 (11): 1623, 2004.

Figure 2. Histological analysis of the esophagus from a patient submitted to esophageal replacement. A, Esophagus showing stenosis of the lumen and extensive fibrosis that compromised the mucosa, submucosa and partially the muscular layer (HE 10X, bar = 1650 µm). B, Detail of A. Extensive fibrosis replacing almost all the normal components of the esophageal wall from the epithelium (arrowhead) to the external muscular layer (arrow; HE 32X, bar = 484 µm). C and D, Details of A. Note the preserved myenteric plexus (arrow; HE 132X, bar = 200 µm and 330X, bar = 50 µm).