Swimming training increases cardiac vagal activity and induces cardiac hypertrophy in rats. A. Medeiros, E.M. Oliveira, R. Gianolla, D.E. Casarini, C.E. Negrão and P.C. Brum. Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research, 37 (12): 1909, 2004.

Figure 1. Systolic blood pressure (SBP, Panel A) and heart rate (HR, Panel B) during the weeks of exercise training or inactivity. 0, Before exercise training or inactivity period. Data are reported as means ± SEM for 12 rats in each group. Note that SBP values were similar for sedentary (S) and swimming-trained (T) rats, while a significant resting bradycardia was observed in T rats following the sixth week of exercise training. *P £ 0.05 compared to T rats (one-way ANOVA for repeated measures followed by post hoc Tukey test).