Y. Guney , A. Hicsonmez, C. Uluoglu, H.Z. Guney, U. Ozel Turkcu, G. Take, B. Yucel, G. Caglar, A. Bilgihan, D. Erdogan, M. Nalca Andrieu, C. Kurtman and H. Zengil. Melatonin prevents inflammation and oxidative stress caused by abdominopelvic and total body irradiation of rat small intestine. Braz J Med Biol Res 2007; 40: 1305-1314.

Figure 1. Thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS) in the rat ileum after total body (TB) or abdominopelvic (AP) irradiation and vehicle or melatonin (MLT) treatment. MLT or vehicle (20% ethanol) was administered to the rats immediately before, immediately after, and 24 h after irradiation (MLT dose: 10, 20, and 10 mg/kg, ip , respectively). All bars represent the pooled data of rats irradiated in the morning (A) and evening (B). Group 1: control; group 2: TB irradiation; group 3: AP irradiation; group 4: TB irradiation and MLT treatment; group 5: AP irradiation and MLT treatment. *P < 0.05 compared to control; **P < 0.05 compared to group 2; ***P < 0.05 compared to group 3. Differences between groups were analyzed statistically by two-way ANOVA. Post hoc tests were performed using a multiple comparison procedure (Tukey test).