Time course of training-induced microcirculatory changes and of vegf expression in skeletal muscles of spontaneously hypertensive female rats
Amaral, S.L.; Sanchez, L.S.; Chang, A.J.B.A.; Rossoni, L.V.; Michelini, L.C.
Braz J Med Biol Res 2008; 41: 424-431.

Figure 3. Eosin-hematoxylin-stained muscle. The vessels appear black against gray skeletal muscle background. The figure shows illustrative digitized images of microvessels from locomotor and non-locomotor muscles taken from sedentary rats or rats trained for 3 days and 13 weeks. Note the higher number of vessels in both trained groups, WKY and SHR, compared to sedentary ones, in locomotor muscles. In contrast, there is no vessel density changes in non-locomotor muscles. WKY = Wistar Kyoto rats; SHR = spontaneously hypertensive rats; S = sedentary rats; T = trained rats.