S.D.J. Pena, L. Bastos-Rodrigues, J.R. Pimenta and S.P. Bydlowski. DNA tests probe the genomic ancestry of Brazilians. Braz J Med Biol Res 2009; 42: 870-876.

Figure 1. To test the discrimination power of our 40-indel set, we obtained a distance matrix of the 52 populations of the CEPH-HGDP international sample set (21) using the Reynolds genetic measure, which is based on the FST linearized for short divergence times (24). From the matrix we undertook a Multidimensional Scaling analysis (24) using the Statistica program. It is immediately apparent that the resolution power was excellent and that the individuals from the 52 populations aggregate into five widely separated clusters that correspond to Africa, Oceania, East Asia, Americas, and a central Europe-Middle East-Central Asia group (modified from Ref. 22).