S.D.J. Pena, L. Bastos-Rodrigues, J.R. Pimenta and S.P. Bydlowski. DNA tests probe the genomic ancestry of Brazilians. Braz J Med Biol Res 2009; 42: 870-876.

Figure 3. Triangular graphs of the genomic proportions of Amerindian, European and African ancestry of Brazilian individuals drawn using the Tri-Plot program (28). We used our set of 40 insertion-deletion polymorphisms (22) and the Structure program to study 272 Brazilians self-defined as White (11,18). A, 142 individuals from the State of Minas Gerais in the Southeast; B, 45 individuals from the North (States of Amazonas, Acre, Rondônia, and Pará); D, 36 individuals from the South (States of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná); E, 49 individuals from the Northeast (State of Pernambuco). We also studied 88 White (C) and 100 Black (F) men from the city of São Paulo, Brazil, randomly drawn from a larger sample described in a previous publication (19).

The Figure 3 legend was changed upon the author’s request on 18 Sept 2009.