Effect of triiodothyronine on the maxilla and masseter muscles of the rat stomatognathic system. M.V. Mariúba, F. Goulart-Silva, S. Bordin and M.T. Nunes. Braz J Med Biol Res 2011; 44: 694-699.

Figure 2. Effect of thyroidectomy on myoglobin (Mb) mRNA and protein expression in rat masseter muscle. Panels A and B show the Mb mRNA and protein content, respectively, in masseter muscle of sham-operated (SO), thyroidectomized (Tx), sham-operated T3-treated (SO T3), and Tx rats chronically treated with T3 (Tx T3). The T3 dose used was 5 μg/100 g body weight, for 15 days. Typical representative blots of Mb and 18S transcripts (A) and Mb protein (B) are given at the top of the panels. Three experiments were performed with 4 animals per group (N = 48). Data are reported as means ± SEM, expressed in arbitrary units (AU), and were analyzed by two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA), followed by the Bonferroni post-test. *P < 0.05 vs SO and SO T3.