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Scope and policy

The Journal Acta Cirurgica Brasileira has rule, norm, standard and style must be fulfill. Follow Instructions to the Authors available from (English). Observe models of published articles. Accurate review of the manuscript before sending, because it does not comply with the instructions, will not be accepted.

The Journal Acta Cirurgica Brasileira meets the standards of International Committee of Medical Journal Editors: Ethical Considerations in the Conduct and Reporting of Research, Authorship and Contributorship (


The Journal Acta Cirurgica Brasileira considers all article participants as authors. Authors are considered those who have effective intellectual and scientific contribution to job performance. It is not the role of the editor, arbitrate conflicts related to authorship.

The lead author is responsible for the integrity of the article as a whole, not necessarily be the first author, however must be the corresponding author. The Journal does not accept undergraduate and graduate as lead authors. The lead author takes responsibility for the effective participation of each author and the agreement with the content of the article.

Participants who had purely technical activity (surgery, literature review, department heads, services or funded) should be listed in the acknowledgements.

Authors' contributions

An author must take responsibility for at least one component of the work:

  1. Substantive scientific and intellectual contributions to the study;
  2. Conception and design;
  3. Acquisition of data;
  4. Analysis and interpretation of data;
  5. Technical procedures;
  6. Histopathological examinations;
  7. Statitics analysis;
  8. Manuscript preparation;
  9. Manuscript writing;
  10. Critical revision;
  11. Final approval.

Publication types

The Journal's Supplements may be useful targets for cooperation between academic institutions. The Chief Editor will have the authority to send the supplements for consideration of reviewers, who may reject articles. It is crucial to distinguish the references supplements articles and regular publication.

The journal accepts research articles, preferably on experimental surgery, clinical research and review requested by the Editorial Board.

Systematic reviews and meta-analyzes focusing on surgical topics of current interest will be considered for publication. All meta-analyzes of randomized trials should meet the principles of QUORUM (Lancet 1999; 354:. 1896-1900) and the submitted manuscript should contain the detailed flowchart of the systematic review.

The Journal does not accept a case report or case and retrospective studies.
Editorial review and processing

Manuscripts submitted by authors to the Acta Cirúrgica Brasileira will be initially evaluated by the Editor-in- Chief, regarding the objectives and standards. In this phase, the manuscript may be rejected or returned to the author for adjustments. If the manuscript is in accordance with the rules, it will be forwarded to the Associate Editor, who shall designate the peer-reviewers for evaluation of the scientific content. The Associate Editor communicates to the Editor-in-Chief for the final decision. The process can be followed by the author in the management system.


Organizing electronic manuscript

The text and the abstract should be reviewed by medical experts, accustomed to scientific language writing. The Main document must contain the Title Page, figures with legends and tables with title, besides the manuscript.

Title Page

The title of the article should be concise but informative. Enter the number one (Arabic numerals), envelope, indicating the references after the venue of the research (laboratory, research center, school, department and institution). Do not include acronyms.

Affiliation of each author

Full name of all the authors with the sequence number superscript (roman) indicating below the highest academic degree of each author, with the name of division/department and institution.

Observe the academic degrees in English. Consult Acta Cir Bras. 2006;21(2):60 Mar-Abr. Academic degrees examples.


Must not exceed 200 words and should be presented in a structured format:

Purpose: clear, precise and concise, without comment.
Methods: sample and procedures.
Results: main findings with specified data and statistical significance.
Conclusion: clear, precise and concise, answering the purpose, without comment.
Key words: should be provided based on Medical Subject Headings – Mesh Terms that are not part of MeSH impede the location of the article.

Manuscript format


Clearly state the purpose of the study and give only pertinent citations, and do not review the subject extensively. Authors should be presented in lowercase or simply cited by superscript numbers, without the year article.


Shall submit the sample (quantity and quality) and procedures in sufficient detail to allow other researchers to reproduce the results. Identify precisely all drugs and chemicals used, including generic name(s), dosage(s), and route(s) of administration. Do not use patient's names, initials, or hospital numbers. Describe statistical methods with detail and provide references to established procedures. Main author is responsible for the accuracy of the data including all statistical calculations.


The research on human subjects must be submitted to the Ethical Committee of the Institution (case number) in accord with the Helsinki Declaration of 1975 as revised in 2008 (

The research in laboratory animals must be submitted to the Ethical Committee of the Institution (case number) in accord with the Council for International Organization of Medical Sciences-CIOMS (

The Journal reserves the right not to accept an article on the grounds that appropriate ethical or experimental standards have not been reached.


In the text, emphasize the important findings. Include the statistical significance.

Tables: are open and numbered in sequence (use arabic numerals), and supply a brief title for each at the top. Use only approved abbreviations. Explain in footnotes all non standards abbreviations that are used in each table. Must be without vertical lines.

Chart: are closed, with descriptive data and present a brief title, placed above.

Figures (illustrations, photos, graphics): must be with good quality. Do not repeat in the text all the data in tables and figures. Figures should also be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals. The legends must be in the bottom of the figure.


Emphasize the new and important aspect of the study. Compare the method and the results with those formely published. Comparison between own observations with other authors. Do not repeat results.


It should be clear and concise and answer the purpose of the study. Avoid repeated data and comments.


References should be updated, select and use the most important relevant research published in peer-reviewed journal. Will be accepted, no more than 30 references per article.

The rules of Vancouver ( must be fulfill. In addition, as determined by the SciELO, the inclusion of doi or PMID is required (PubMed). The titles of journals should be abbreviated according to the style used in MEDLINE/PubMed.

References should be numbered consecutively in the order they were first mentioned in the text. Shall include the names of all authors (et al. is not accepted). References to abstracts are not accepted, personal communication or any other non-indexed source (text books and theses).

The Editor takes into account the seriousness and the plight references, being as important as the research itself.

Examples of references:

Fogarty BJ, Parks RW, Rowlands BJ, Diamond T. Renal dysfunction in obstructive jaundice. Br J Surg. 1995 Jul;82(7):877-84. PMID: 7648096.

Fickert P, Krones E, Pollheimer MJ, Thueringer A, Moustafa T, Silbert D, Halilbasic E, Yang M, Jaeschke H, Stokman G, Wells RG, Eller K, Rosenkranz AR, Eggertsen G, Wagner CA, Langner C, Denk H, Trauner M. Bile acids trigger cholemic nephropathy in common bile-duct-ligated mice. Hepatology. 2013 Dec;58(6):2056-69. doi: 10.1002/hep.26599.


Recognize those who contributed to the work, but without holding the characteristics of authors.

Full name of the main author, address, phone and email.


Conflict of interest and financial source.
At the end of the manuscript, mentioning the venue of the research: laboratory, research center, school, department and institution.

Copyright transfer
The authors undersigned transfer copyright of the article “………………….” to Acta Cirurgica Brasileira. They declare that this is an original unpublished article that does not transgress any copyright or intellectual property rights of other people and it is not being evaluated for publication in other journals. The article has been read and each contribution was approved.

Names of authors……………………………………………………………………….

Manuscript fees

In order to participate in publication costs, authors have a charge of US400.00 for each accepted manuscript.

Beneficiary Customer:

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Online Submission

The articles should be sent through the electronic management system at:

Further information or questions please contact Prof. Saul Goldenberg (


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