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Scope and policy

1- Anais do Museu Paulista is a journal published by Museu Paulista/USP. Articles are received continuously, but it is up to the editors in charge and to the Publishing Committee to decide on the opportune moment for their publication and in which section they should be inserted.

2- The publication of articles depends on their compliance with the Editorial Standards and on the opinions issued by the Editorial Board, Publishing Committee and/or ad hoc consultants. All the opinions are impartial and confidential.

3- Responsibility for the concepts expressed in the published articles rests solely with their respective authors.

4- Anais do Museu Paulista seeks to articulate investigative, technological, educational and documentation activities. Thus, its sections have been designed to bring together these different approaches as a means to encourage interchange and integration. The journal consists of six sections, namely: Debates, Material Culture Studies, Museums, Documents, Conservation and Restoration (opened in 2003), and Bibliography. Debates introduces works concerned with concepts and methodology, as well as initiatives to take stock of the pros and cons on themes capable of generating controversy. The main text is accompanied by commentary and a reply from a guest author. Material Culture Studies, as the title indicates, is the journal's backbone and the only permanent section. It presents the research being done in the specific field of knowledge adopted by the periodical, plus everything else that may enrich and provide a solid foundation for the studies in question, such as theoretical and methodological approaches, techniques, papers about other topics of interest for the purpose of comparison, alongside contributions from Anthropology, Historical/Industrial Archeology, Sociology, History of Art, Literature, Linguistics, Semiotics, Psychology, Economics, Technology, Architecture, Geography, and so on. Museums offers articles linking the study of material culture to specific museum contexts, such as issues related to exhibitions, target audience research, documentation systems, institutional collections, etc. Conservation and Restoration, a section that was opened in 2003, brings together works concerning the development of research and innovative techniques for the recovery of documental sources, particularly objects, buildings, landscapes, and iconography. Documents organizes and offers the reader material and visual sources, preferably items that have never been published before or which have been recently submitted to treatment or acquired. Finally, Bibliography plays an instrumental role. In addition to providing new references and critical reviews, it places a great emphasis on bibliography updates, and themed, selected or annotated bibliographic compilations.

5- Only articles submitted in accordance with the standards and rules below will be accepted.


Format and preparation of manuscripts

The manuscript must:

1. Be original and exclusive to Anais do Museu Paulista.

2. Contain no more than 20,000 words (excluding illustrations, notes, and references). Such limit can only be changed by decision of the Publishing Committee.

3. Be written in Portuguese, English, French, Spanish or Italian.

4. Indicate the location of illustrative material (to be referred to as "Figure").

5. Bear the author's name below the title, followed by the name of the institution to which he or she is affiliated, as well as his or her full mailing and e-mail addresses.

6. Present notes, bibliography and documental references at the end of the text only.

7. Necessarily include abstracts in Portuguese and English regardless of the language in which the original text is written. If the latter is not in Portuguese or English, an additional abstract is to be submitted in the original language of the text (i.e. French, Spanish or Italian). No abstract may exceed two hundred and fifty (250) words, and it must be followed by three (3) to six (6) key words corresponding to representative words in the article's content. Subtitles should be avoided.

8. Mention the sponsoring institution, as the case may be.

9. The editor reserves the right to format and arrange the articles in accordance with the publisher's own graphic design standards.

10. The editor reserves the right to print the illustrations in color or in black and white, at the publisher's best convenience.

11. Bibliography: References must be presented in alphabetical order, as per NBR 6023 (ABNT), which should be looked up for other types of documents not exemplified hereunder. Authors should be entered by their last name in upper case, followed by their first name, and separated by a semi-colon and space.

Examples: AMARAL, A. A. [...] (1 author)
GERODETTI, J. E.; CORNEJO, C. [...] (2 authors)
PORTO, A. R.; DURAND, J. C.; BRUNO, E. S. [...] (3 authors)
(4 authors or more) or AMERICANO, J. et al. [...].

Model 1 - Article from a periodical
PEARSON, C. Preserving collections in tropical countries. Conservation, The GCI Newsletter, Los Angeles, v. 12, n. 2, p. 17-18, 1997.

Model 2 - Entire book
DREWES, J. (Org.). Selected bibliography: tropical preservation. Baltimore: John Hopkins University, 1998.

Model 3 - Chapter of a book
RODGERS, S. Women's Space in a Men's House: the British House of Commons. In: ARDENER, S. (Ed.). Women and space. Ground rules and social maps. Oxford: Berg, 1997. p. 46-69.

Model 4 - Chapter of a book
(Book and chapter by the same author)

SAMARA, E. M. Mão-de-obra feminina, oportunidades e mercado de trabalho, no Brasil do século XIX. In: ______. As idéias e os números do gênero. Argentina, Brasil e Chile no século XIX. São Paulo: Hucitec/Cedhal/Vitae, 1997. p. 23-61.

Model 5 - Paper published in an event
FIGUEIRÔA, S. F. de M. The writings of Orville Adelbert Derby (1851-1915) and its meaning to the history of geological sciences in Brazil. In: INT. SYSMP. HIST. OF GEOL. SCIENCES, 16, 1991, Dresden. Abstracts... Dresden: INHIGEO, 1991. p. 19-20.

Model 6 - Thesis (Doctorate Degree) or Dissertation (Master's Degree)
CABRAL, E. Análise das alterações climáticas da cidade de São Paulo (1887-1995) no contexto da expansão de sua mancha urbana. 1997. 278 f. Dissertação (Mestrado) - Faculdade de Filosofia, Letras e Ciências Humanas, Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, 1997.

Model 7 - Translated texts
BARTHES, Roland. O sistema da moda. Tradução por Lineide do Lago Salvador Mosca. São Paulo: Nacional/Edusp, 1979.

12. Quotes within the text: These should be presented in alphabetical order by each author's last name or by the name of each entity in charge, followed by the document's publishing date, and the page(s) quoted from; in the case of direct quotes, they should be separated by a comma and placed within brackets. If the quotation is inserted in the text, use upper and lower case letters; if bracketed, use capitals only. In the event of two authors, both must be mentioned. When their names appear in a sentence, separate them with "and"; when bracketed, separate them with a semi-colon. In the case of three authors, all must be mentioned. For four (4) or more authors, mention the first and add the expression et al.

Examples: According to Cabral, (1997) [...]
[...] (CABRAL, 1997)
According to Tarifa and Armani (2000) [...]
[...] (TARIFA; ARMANI, 2000)

As per Brito, Bruno and Camargos (2001) [...]
[...] (BRITO; BRUNO; CAMARGOS, 2001)
As per Cassar et al. (1997) [...]
[...] (CLARK et al., 1992)


Manuscript presentation

1- Articles may be submitted at any time of the year.

2- One soft copy of the original text saved on a 3½" HD diskette or CD properly labeled with the article title and author(s)' name(s); plus three (3) hard copies of the text, including tables and bibliography, typed onto one side only of A4 (21.0 x 29.7 cm) sheets, with 2,800 strokes per page, 1.5-cm line spacing, Times New Roman, font size 12, and consecutive numbering of pages. Illustrations and captions to be listed on separate sheets. The article must be presented in Microsoft Word format.

3- Title page: Every article must include a title page with the following information: title of article, full name(s) of author(s), and institution to which they are affiliated. A footnote or box should be inserted next to the authors' names, containing the full mailing and e-mail addresses of the author to whom all the correspondence is to be directed. Only this page may bear the author(s)' identification. No mention of the article's authorship is permitted in footnotes for the sake of confidentiality and in order to safeguard the opinion issuers' impartiality.

4- Images (reproduction of 3D documents, pictures, texts, tables, charts, etc.): Reproductions should be provided on A4 (21.0 x 29.7 cm) sheets numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals, and referred to as figures. All figures must be presented on separate sheets, with the title of the article. The photographs and chromes provided for printing must be originals, and they will be returned upon the author's request. The captions must also be submitted on separate sheets, with specifications regarding their authorship, the institutions that own the originals, and copyright holders, if any. The author is in charge of obtaining the required permissions and sending them to the editor of Anais do Museu Paulista along with a letter signed by the author, wherein the latter declares him or herself responsible for the distribution of the images. These, whether in color or in black and white, should be submitted in the form of chromes (slides), 15cm x 18cm 300dpi digital files (TIF or compacted JPG extensions), or photographic paper print enlargements. The images generated with digital cameras should feature a minimum resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels.

5- The articles must be forwarded to the following address:

Parque da Independência, s/n. Ipiranga São Paulo - SP/Brasil
CEP 04218-970 Caixa Postal 42.403
tel. (05511) 6165-8059/8069 fax. (05511) 6165-8051/8054

There is no fee for submission and evaluation articles.


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