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Scope and Policy

Archai Journal is a publication organized by Archai UNESCO Chair, an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research group which gathers researchers in philosophy, history, language, law, art, social sciences and archeology from all over the world. Archai aims to publish original articles, translations, reviews and notes on ancient thought and its legacy in modern and contemporary philosophy and culture. Archai Journal has published articles in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Catalan, Italian and German.

Archai Journal has the goal of exploring a different outlook on the history and origins of western thought, a search of new interpretative paths which allow for an understanding of its origins as a process deeply rooted in ancient greco-roman culture.

Contributions are reviewed and approved by peers in blind-review. Contributions are forwarded by the Editorial Board to the Scientific Commission or to ad hoc external evaluators.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Articles should be up to 50,000 characters including spaces. Articles must include a 100-250 word abstract in two different languages: the main language (i.e. the language in which the article is written), and in English, as well as a list of up to five keywords, also in the main language and in English. The same applies to the title, which shall be the first element of the article, in the main language, followed by its version in English. Please note that for articles in English there is no need to provide abstract and keywords in other languages.

Reviews should be up to 15,000 characters including spaces. Reviewed books should have been published up to three years before the submission date.

When images or diagrams are used, a copy of each one of the images shall be uploaded as a supplement during the submission process. The journal accepts images or diagrams in .jpg or .png formats, with a maximum resolution of 300 dpi. Images shall be followed by a label in the text body, as well as their sources with de applicable credits.

Citations follow the author-date system, always in the text body (never in footnotes), according to the following examples. These citation rules are based on ABNT’s NBR 10520 norm, and bibliographical reference rules are based on ABNT’s NBR 6023.


Send of the manuscripts

Contributions must be submitted online through the link where the author can find our submission guidelines.

Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

- The contribution is original is neither under evaluation nor has been published elsewhere.

- The submission file format is Microsoft Word (.docx).

- The submission file do not contain any mention to the author, including its metadata (use the Inspect Document command in Microsoft Word and execute all the given recommendations).

- The manuscript comply with all the recommendations given in the Submission Guidelines (see link).

- If the submission has four or more authors, the contribution of each author must be indicated in a footnote at the end of the manuscript.

- It is mandatory to inform the ORCID of the authors when registering the submission.


The review and selection of submissions are conducted by peers in blind-review. The process of evaluation of the article is documented in the archives of the Archai journal. Submitted manuscripts will be sent by the Editors to two members of the Scientific Committee or to ad hoc evaluators. If both recommendations are positive, the article is published; if they are negative, the article is refused; if one is positive and the other negative, a third evaluator is indicated.

Conflict of Interests

Evaluators, authors, and editors must decline to participate in the process when there is a conflict of interests of a personal, commercial, political, academic or financial nature.

Copyright Notice

Given the public access policy of the journal, the use of the published texts is free, with the obligation of recognizing the original authorship and the first publication in this journal. The authors of the published contributions are entirely and exclusively responsible for their contents.

1. The authors authorize the publication of the article in this journal.

2. The authors guarantee that the contribution is original, and take full responsibility for its content in case of impugnation by third parties.

3. The authors guarantee that the contribution is not under evaluation in another journal.

4. The authors keep the copyright and convey to the journal the right of first publication, the work being licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License-BY.

5. The authors are allowed and stimulated to publicize and distribute their work on-line after the publication in the journal.

6. The authors of the approved works authorize the journal to distribute their content, after publication, for reproduction in content indexes, virtual libraries and similars.

7. The editors reserve the right to make adjustments to the text and to adequate the article to the editorial rules of the journal.


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