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Scope and policy

Editorial policy

Mission: The mission of BAR - Brazilian Administration Review is to contribute to  deeper understanding of theories of Administration and its managerial implications by means of global dissemination of relevant papers in theory development and application produced by the Brazilian academia and the international scholarly community.

Scope and focus: BAR publishes conceptual, empirical and methodology-focused articles in the broad field of Administration. Innovative theoretical and methodological perspectives are welcome as long as they are academically sound. Papers with greater potential for having an international impact will be given preference. To be published in BAR, articles must bring relevant theoretical, empirical or methodological contributions.

BAR’s editorial scope does not include teaching cases or purely applied, practitioner-oriented material.

Target audience: The target audience of BAR is the Brazilian and the international scholarly communities in the field of Administration.

Requirements: Submitted articles must be unpublished and should not be under consideration for publication in any other journal. Previous publication of papers in conference proceedings would not violate the originality requirements, but we recommend that articles are significantly improved after conference presentation. Articles must be written in English.


Article review

1. Article review consists of two stages. In the first stage, the editor-in-chief and an associate editor (chosen by the editor-in-chief based on the article’s main topic and methods) verify the relevance of the submitted article, its alignment with the journal’s editorial scope, and other aspects including originality and contribution to the area of submission. Only articles the editors consider relevant to the academic community and, in particular, to the journal’s audience, proceed to further stages. Articles that pass the first stage of analysis are sent to double blind, peer review by at least two reviewers assigned by the associate editor.

2. Neither ANPAD nor its editors are responsible for the opinions, ideas and concepts included in published materials beyond concurring with the potential academic impact on the literature. The authors bear full authority and responsibility on their articles.

3. In order to be published, authors must sign the Copyrights Letter, which is sent to the authors by e-mail, thus granting rights, including on translation, to BAR.

BAR adopts iThenticate to control for plagiarism.

There are no fees for submitting, reviewing or publishing articles in BAR.


Forms and preparation of manuscripts

Our Submission Manual have been carefully prepared to facilitate the editorial process of submitting articles online. Therefore, please observe the formatting instructions carefully. The formatting of citations and references must match the norms of the American Psychological Association (APA).

A submission that does not comply with the journal’s requirements will be returned to the authors.

Improving your chances of getting published

To improve your chances of getting published in BAR, we suggest that you read your article and check it against the issues below. Even if you answer some of them in the negative form, that does not mean that your work will not be accepted. However, the closer you are to satisfactory answers to the issues below, the higher the chances that your article will receive a positive evaluation by our referees.

1. What contribution does your article make to the field?
2. Are most of your references based on articles published in quality scholarly journals?
3. Are most of your references based on articles published in internationally reputed journals?
4. Are most of your references based on articles published in scholarly journals in the last ten years?
5. Do you make reference to classic authors in the field?
6. Does your article fit BAR’s editorial policy?
7. Do you follow APA’s style guide?
8. Are your research objectives, contributions to the area, and conclusions clearly stated?
9. Have you adequately described the methodology of your research and the qualitative or quantitative methods used?
10. Have you thoroughly checked the quality of your writing?


Attention: Before submitting your work, please pay attention to the following issues:

1. Check that your submission follows the Submission Manual.
2. Check that your file is free from computer viruses.
3.Check that citations and references match the norms of the American Psychological Association (APA). Complete guidelines are available in the Submission Manual.


Submission of manuscripts

BAR uses ScholarOne ( as submission and peer-review platform. 


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