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Scope and Policy

The Boletim do Instituto Paulista de Oceanografia receive articles for publication in Portuguese, Castilian, French, English, German, Italian and Latin, dealing with subjects related to oceanography and other sciences related to it.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

The originals will be accepted under the following conditions:

    A - The manuscript should always be typed on one side only, double spaced on paper measuring approximately 30-32x20-22 cm.
    B - The wording should be poured into a clear and concise and should texts written in foreign languages accompanied, necessarily, a case more or less long, in Portuguese.
    C - Started typesetting, are no longer accepted changes to the text.
    D - The graphic material for the manufacture of cliches appear on separate sheets, the drawings will be executed ink, marking the author places in the text to appear, on the back of each drawing, graphics, and photographs, should bear the name author, title of work, the figure number or photograph, dimensions and other information necessary cliché, made in pencil, soft, without trampling. Color prints rely on prior understanding with the writing.
    E - A review of the evidence unless express wish of the author, had been supported by the direction of the "Bulletin".
    F - The editors reserve the right to perform the necessary reductions in the graphic material in order to obtain better distribution and use of space.
    G - The author will receive a free, 50 (fifty) reprints of their work. Greater amount must be requested by the person who will pay for the surplus, the cost price.
    H - Only accept original works of real scientific value. In special cases, they will accept translations of works published abroad, whose importance justifies its printing.


Send of the manuscripts

Manuscripts should be sent to the Av. Água Branca, 455 - São Paulo - Brazil.


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