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Aims and Scope

The Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering publishes papers reporting on basic and applied research and innovation in the field of Chemical Engineering and related areas. The journal publishes original papers, short communications and letters to the editor. Review articles reporting relevant discussions and conclusions of published papers will also be considered for publication. Papers previously published elsewhere cannot be accepted for the journal. The acceptance for publication lies with the editors and is based on the recommendations of ad hoc referees, and of the editorial board, if necessary.

The authors remain with the copyright.

There are no fees for submission and evaluation of articles.


Electronic Submission and Format

Manuscript paper should be submitted to the Editor at The title and the author's name(s) should be typed on a the first page, along with mailing addresses, phone, fax number and e-mail for correspondence and proofs for corrections. The language of the journal is English. Manuscripts should be written in double spacing . A4 format should be used. All symbols should be defined in the text. A separate nomenclature section should appear at the end of each paper. Symbols and units are listed in alphabetical order with their definitions and dimensions in SI units. The abstract along with keywords should not exceed 150 words.


Illustrations and tables

Original figures, tables and photographs should be submitted adequate for immediate reproduction by using the word processing Word for Windows. Figures and tables in the text, along with their respective captions, should be inserted into the text. Graphics should not be larger than 9x14 cm. Illustrations should not be larger than 12x17 cm. All lettering should appear on the illustration and should be written in Times New Roman.



References cited should be quoted in the text by authors last name and year [e.g., Keller and Silva (1993) or (Keller and Silva, 1993)]. When more than two use first author and et al. Literature references cited should be listed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order. Journal references should be arranged as in following examples:

Biegler, L.T. and Hugles, R.R., Approximation Programming of Chemical Processes, Part 4: Application of Powell's Algorithm. 73rd Annual Meeting AIChE. Chicago (1980).

Boole and Babbage, Problem Program Evaluator User Guide. Sunnyvale, California (1977).

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Parker, A. L., Optimization of Flowtran® Models by Quadratic Approximation Programming. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Wisconsin-Madison (1978).

Pennington, R.H., Introductory Computer Methods and Numerical Analysis. McMillan, New York (1965).


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