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Scope and policy

The Brazilian Journal of Physics, edited each three months by the Sociedade Brasileira de Física, publishes regular papers and reviews in Physics. Articles should be timely and present original and significant results.

Contributions, written in clear English, should be sent in triplicate to the Editor or to a member of the Editorial board. Authors are advised to submit their papers to a geographically convenient editor.

All contributions submitted will be refereed. The editors reserve the right to reject manuscripts and to require revisions of contributions.

All correspondence with the editors should contain full reference to the concerned manuscript, i.e.: the full title and the names of all authors. The letter of submission should include: the full mailing address, telephone, fax, telex and e-mail address.

Authors will receive proofs. There is no page charge and 25 reprints will be sent, free of charge, to the first or corresponding author.


Format style

Manuscripts should be typed double spaced. Special care should be taken of those symbols which might cause confusion. All Greek characters and unusual symbols should be identified in the margin the first time they occur in the text.

All references should be sequentially numbered and appear in brackets. They should contain the names and initials of all authors in the following form:

1] A. J. Silva and P. T. Moreira. Braz. J. Phys. 99, 999 (1992).

Figures should be original drawings, laser printer outputs or sharp glossy prints of about manuscripts size. Xerox copies usually do not give good results. All figures and tables should have captions.

No manuscripts will be returned unless requested by the author. Manuscripts can be published from authors' TEX source codes. Authors are asked to submit hard-copy version for refereeing as normal and indicate in their submission letter the form in which the TEX fiIe is available.

For more details please contact the SBF Secretary at the address below.


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