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Scope and politics

The Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences accepts for publication Original Papers applicable to the fields of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Reviews and Current Comment Articles, which are published under the Scientific Editor and Associate Editors invitation to recognized experts or when they are spontaneously submitted by the authors in the form of abstracts to have their importance evaluated. A critical view of the subject with insertions of results of previous works in the field in relation to the state of art must be included; Short Communications reporting new methods and previews of works on researches of outstanding importance in which originality justify a quick publication. A maximum of 2000 words excluding tables, figures and references is an acceptable limit. One table, one figure and ten references may be added, and Book Reviews of the latest editions of books, prepared by specialists invited by the Scientific Editor and Associate Editors. Thematic Supplements as well as those related to scientific meetings can be published under the Scientific Editor and/or Associate Editors agreement.

It is mandatory to include the approval of Ethics Committees for those works related to human and /or animal research.

Manuscripts that are not in agreement of the Instructions will be refused prior to peer review. They can be submitted by either Brazilian or foreign specialists and written in English.  A manuscript is accepted with the understanding that the material has not been previously published, except in abstract form, and that it is not simultaneously under consideration by any other journal. All manuscripts submitted to Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences that follow the Instructions to authors are subject to peer review by two or more independent, anonymous referees chosen by the Scientific Editor. Additional opinions are sought by the Scientific Editor when there are substantial differences between reviewers. After being reviewed all manuscripts are forwarded to the Associate Editors and Scientific Editor for a final decision. Rejected manuscripts may be resubmitted for consideration without any reference to the previous submission as a new manuscript after being properly and significantly restructured. If revision is necessary, the authors are asked to resubmit the dated, revised manuscript incorporating the suggestions and recommendations of the referees within two months. Revisions not received within two months from the date of notice will have its process canceled. All revisions must be accompanied with a letter detailing the changes made to the original document; changes should also be indicated directly on the manuscript. Papers must have their copyright assigned to the BJPS before being submitting to the Journal.


Manuscript´s form and presentation


Title Page: This must include the manuscript full title (it must be brief providing exact information of the contents), authors’ full names, institutional affiliations (University, College, Department) through numbers. The corresponding autor must be identified with an asterisk, giving the complete address, including the electronic mail. Those information must be left in the text and after the filiation.

Abstract: On a separate page, provide a summary of not more than 200 words. It must concisely and specifically describe the objectives of the study, techniques used, the essential results and what the authors concluded from the results.

Uniterms: These should be strictly related to the contents and limited to 6 (six).

Abstract in Portuguese: It should be presented after the conclusions. This should follow the same content of the abstract presented in English.

Uniterms in Portuguese: must follow uniterms in English and be presented after the abstract in Portuguese.

Introduction: This should state briefly and clearly the objectives of the investigation with reference to previous works. Extensive review of the literature should be avoided and substituted for references of recent publications where such reviews may be found.

Material and Methods: These should be described in sufficient detail that the work can be reproduced. Procedures and techniques readily available in the literature require only a citation of the original source, except when they are substantially modified. Reports of experimental studies on humans and animals must certify that the research received prior approval by the appropriate institutional review body (Committee of Bioethics).

Results and Discussion: Results must be presented concisely and in logical order. Where possible, use figures or tables to present data rather than text. When appropriate give the range, standard deviation and indicate the significances of differences between numerical values obtained. Discussion should interpret the results and assess their significance in relation to previous work in the field. Speculation not warranted by actual data should be avoided. Presenting those items separately is optional.

Conclusions: These must be drawn from the text and restricted to the limits of data obtained

Acknowledgments: These should be typed in a special paragraph under separate heading preceding the section of References. They should be kept to a minimum consistent with the requirements of courtesy and disclosure.

References: They should be prepared and listed according to The Brazilian Association of  Technical Standards (ABNT.NBR 6023). Entries should be arranged in alphabetical order by author at the end of the paper. All authors’ names should be given. “Accuracy of reference data is the responsibility of the author”. For examples see the site


Manuscripts should be sent in 30-36 lines, 1,5 spaced, in the Word for Windows. All manuscripts must be accompanied with a letter signed by the authors, and submitted, only, by electronic way.

Additional Information

Text citations: References should be cited in the text by the authors’ names, with only the first letter in capital letter followed by the year of publication. For more than three authors, the first has to be cited followed by the expression et al. (in italics). For more than one citation with the same authors and year of publication they must be differentiated by small letters close to the year.

Illustrations: Graphs, tables, chemical structures, equations, maps, figures, photos must be included in the text immediately after being cited. Maps, figures and photos must be presented also in separate files with the extensions TIF or JPG, and 300 dpi resolution. Each BJPS issue will present a chosen illustration in its cover. Tables should be numbered consecutively in Roman numerals and Figures in Arabic, followed by their titles. The word TABLE and FIGURE should appear in capital letters in the title or in the legend, but not in the text. Legends should accompany them as well as be present in the text.

Nomenclature: Unities of weight and measurements, names of plants, animals and chemicals should be mentioned according to International Rules available. For national manuscripts names of drugs must follow the current Denominações Comuns Brasileiras(DCB). Trademarks may be mentioned only once in the text (between parenthesis and initial in capital letter).


Submitting manuscripts

The manuscripts must be submitted, only, by electronic way. Use the electronic mail throught the e-mail: and send encloused to the message the files: the manuscript´s Word for Windows file, a electronic copy of the submission letter signed for all authors and the figures files em JPEG.

There is no charges for article’s submissions, evaluations and publication.

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