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Scope and Policy

The publication of articles depend on the observance of the Editorial Norms and on the evaluation from the Editorial Board and/or ad hoc referees. All evaluations are confidential and impartial; authors and members of the Editorial Board and/or ad hoc referees do not share information.


Manuscripts Form and Presentation

1. Concepts and affirmations included in articles are of the entire responsibility of the authors.

2. "Ciencia e Agrotecnologia", a journal edited once every two months by UFLA's Publishing House (Editora UFLA) of the Universidade Federal de Lavras (Brazil), publishes scientific articles in the area of agricultural crops, elaborated by researchers of the national and international scientific community. Submission of a manuscript implies that it is neither under consideration for publication elsewhere nor has appeared previously in part or in whole. On acceptance for publication, authors assign to the Editors full copyright of the manuscript in all languages and countries. Publications will depend on editorial rules and on the review of experts and ad hoc commission. Reviewer and editorial opinions will be anonymously communicated to authors.

3. Cost of publication: the cost for publication is US$15.00 (fifteen dollars) per edited page (printed page in the final format) up to six pages and US$30.00 (thirty dollars) for additional page. A non refundable, US$ 40.00 (forty dollars) fee must be paid at submission and it will be discounted from the final edited article cost (final format). At submission, the receipt of the bank deposit or money transfer (payable to FUNDECC/Editora, Banco do Brasil, Agency 0364-6; Account number 58.382-0) must be sent attached in the field "Transference of Supplementary Documents".

4. Articles submitted for publication must be presented electronically (, written in English, using only conventional abbreviations and nomenclature with no abbreviations on the title. Articles must be edited using the program Microsoft Word for Windows (version 98, 2000, 2003 or XP) on paper size A4 (21 cm x 29.7cm), double spaced using font Times New Roman, size 12, with a 2.5 cm margin on both left and right hand side, upper and lower margin, heading and footnote. The manuscript must present a maximum of 16 pages. All authors must sign a letter of agreement for the publication (in a single document) and send attached in the field "Transference of Supplementary Documents". Any insertion, exclusion or alteration in the authors order must be notified by all authors (including the excluded author, if the case).

5. Each manuscript must be organized in:

a) TITLE sufficiently clear; conspicuous and complete, without superfluous words, written in English and Portuguese. It is recommended to initiate with the term that represent the most important aspect, with other terms in decreasing of importance;

b) FULL NAME(S) OF THE AUTHOR(S) IN CAPITAL LETTERS (without abbreviations), on the right hand side, one name underneath the other, with the footnote page containing their professional qualification or academic training and their work institution. The manuscript must have a maximum of 6 (six) authors;

c) ABSTRACT must be written continuously without paragraph and it must not exceed 250 words. At least, it must contain a brief introduction, objective and results,

d) INDEX TERMS with 3 to 5 key words that express the content of the article, different of those used in the title and described in capital and small letters and separated by comma;

e) RESUMO (abstract translated to Portuguese);

f) TERMOS PARA INDEXAÇÃO (index terms translated to Portuguese);

g) INTRODUCTION (including literature review and objective); h) MATERIALS AND METHODS; i) RESULTS AND DISCUSSION (it may include tables and figures);



l) REFERENCES (without thesis and dissertation cites).

6. FOOTNOTE: It must contain title degree (MS, PhD, Dr, etc), full work address (Institution, street, number, zip code, city, state, country) and e-mail of the all authors.

7. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Acknowledgements to people or institutions might be included at the end of the text prior References. The written style must be serious and clear, indicating the reasons of the acknowledgements made.

8. TABLES AND FIGURES: Must be included right after their citation in the text.


9.1. Photographs may be in color or in black and white, clear and with contrast, inserted in the text after their citation and also in a separate file (on the same diskette as the article) saved in extension "TIFF" or "JPEG" with resolution of 300 dpi. Press copies will only present photographs in black and white.

9.2. Figures may be in color or in black and white, clear and with contrast, inserted in the text after their citation and also in a separate file (on the same diskette as the article) saved in extension "TIFF" or "JPEG" with resolution of 300 dpi. They must be elaborated using Times New Roman font, size 10, without bold, without text box and arranged. Press copies will only present figures in black and white.

9.3. Graphs must be inserted in the text after their citation as well as in an attached file. Graphs must be elaborated preferentially in Excel, using Times New Roman font, size 10, without bold, saved in XLS extension and transformed in TIFF or JPG, with resolution of 300 dpi.

9.4. Symbols and Chemical Formula must be presented using a word processor that permits a format for Page Maker (ex: MathType, Equation) without loss of its original form.

10. REFERENCES: starting with Volume 18, Number 1, 1994 the references must be cited according to NBR6023/2002 of ABNT. All references and their correct citation in the text are of the entire responsibility of the author(s). Some important orientations: all authors of the scientific document must be presented (source); the journal must be cited using its full name; all references must present the name of the city where the journal was published; all references must be cited alphabetically. References must be cited using double space.

EXAMPLES (most common types).

JOURNAL ARTICLE: CAMPOS, V.P.; PINHO, R.S.C.; FREIRE, E.S. Volatiles produced by interacting microorganisms potentially useful for the control of plant pathogens. Ciência e Agrotecnologia, Lavras, v.34, n.3, p.525-535, maio/jun., 2010.


a) Complete book: FERREIRA, D.F. Estatística multivariada. Lavras: UFLA, 2008. 672p.

b) Book chapter With a specific author: BERGEN, W.G.; MERKEL, R.A. Protein accretion. In: PEARSON, A.M.; DUTSON, T.R. Growth regulation in farm animals: advances in meat research. London: Elsevier Science, 1991. v.7, p.169-202. Without a specific author JUNQUEIRA, L.C.; CARNEIRO, J. Tecido muscular. In: ______. Histologia básica. 11.ed. Rio de Janeiro: Guanabara Koogan, 2008. 524p.

DISSERTATION AND THESIS: Do not use citations of dissertation or thesis.

ABSTRACTS PRESENTED IN A CONGRESS AND OTHER EVENTS: Do not use citations of abstracts presented in a congress and other events.


Studies consulted online are referenced according to the specific rules for each type of document with the addition of the electronic address information presented in parenthesis (<>) preceded by the expression "Available at" and the date of access to the document, preceded by the expression: "Access on:" Note: It is not recommended to reference electronic material of short duration on the web. (ABNT, NBR6023, 2002, p.4). According to international standards, the division of electronic address at the end of the line should be always after the stroke (/).

a) Complete book TAKAHASHI, T. (Coord.). Tecnologia em foco. Brasília, DF: Socinfo/MCT, 2000. Available in: <>. Access in: 22 ago. 2000.

b) Part of a book TAKAHASHI, T. Mercado, trabalho e oportunidades. In: ______. Sociedade da informação no Brasil: livro verde. Brasília, DF: Socinfo/MCT, 2000. cap.2. Available in: <>. Access in: 22 ago. 2000.

c) Journal article (online access): JASPER, S.P.; BIAGGIONI, M.A.M.; RIBEIRO, J.P. Avaliação do desempenho de um sistema de secagem projetado para os pequenos produtores rurais. Ciência e Agrotecnologia, Lavras, v.32, n.4, p.1055-1061, jul./ago. 2008. Available in: <>. Access in: 25 nov. 2008.


Two authors: Davis & Jones (2010) or (Davis & Jones, 2010). Three or more authors: Ross et al. (2009) or (Ross et al., 2009). Note: When two authors are cited in the same article they are separated by & (commercial). If there is more cites in the same text, it must present the authors in a crescent chronological order: Souza (2008), Pereira (2009) and Holmes (2010); or (Souza, 2008; Pereira, 2009; Holmes, 2010).

11. Publication process: upon submission, the editorial board evaluates if the article presents comparative relevance with other articles of the same knowledge area that were submitted for publication. If it is considered as relevant, the article will be submitted to peer reviewers. Approved by the peer reviewers, if necessary, the article may return to the correspondent author for corrections. If the corrections are not returned within the required deadline, the article will be automatically canceled. Requested corrections not attended without justification may also lead to cancellation. After these revisions, the article will receive corrections of scientific nomenclature, English, references and Portuguese. Following these corrections, the article will be edited and published according to the order of receipt and approval.


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