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Instructions to Authors

1. Ciência Florestal publishes original scientific and technical articles resulting from researches on Forestry Engineering. Technical notes and review articles are also accepted. The texts can be written in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

2. Proceeding charges:

  1. Submission fee: US$ 30,00. The payment of this fee does not guarantee the paper publication.
  2. Publication fee: US$ 150,00. This value is charged only after the acceptance of the paper.
  3. There are no fees for evaluation

The values must be deposited in the bank account # 220611-0, Banco do Brasil, agency # 1484-2. The deposit receipt shall be sent along with the paper. The receipt of the publication fee must be sent to Ciência Florestal by fax (55 55 3220 8444/22) or by e-mail (, informing the paper name which belongs to this receipt. The values deposited will not be refunded.

3. The manuscripts should be submitted by PLATAFORMA SEER. The author registering the work assumes the responsibility for all information, and that the other authors are in agreement with this work and that the article has not been published before. The concepts and assumptions appearing in the article are of fully responsibility of the authors. However, The Editing Committee has the right of asking for modifications in the original text.

4. The articles must be organized in this sequence:

4.1. Scientific article and technical note: title, abstract, introduction and literature review, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions, acknowledgements and references. Before the item references write when appropriate, mention its approval by the Ethics and Biosecurity Committee of the Institution.

4.2. Article of bibliographical review: title, abstract, introduction, development, final considerations, acknowledgements, references.

5. The paper must be edited in Microsoft Word, simple space, lines numbered continuously and without the authors' names, letter type Times New Roman, size 11, tab 1.25 cm, size A4, with 2.0 cm of left, inferior and superior margins and 1.5 cm in the right margin, portrait orientation and maximum of 12 pages.

6. The paper title, up to 2 lines, must be centralized and in bold type, in capital letters and followed by the Portuguese version.

7. The abstract has to be presented in a single paragraph and written in two languages, being the Portuguese language one of them. The words RESUMO and ABSTRACT must be in capital letters.

8. ABSTRACT and RESUMO must be followed by Keywords and Palavras-chave, respectively, aligned to the left, containing up to four words, separated by semicolons.

9. The primary titles must be written in capital letters, aligned to the left. The other ones must obey the sequence as follows:

MATERIAL AND METHOD - (primary item) - fully in capital letters and in bold type.
Characterizing the local - (secondary item) - In bold type but the first letter in capitals.
Soil - (tertiary item) - The initial in capitals, in bold type and in italics.
Horizon A - (quaternary item) - only the initial letter in capitals, in italics.

10.The acronyms and abbreviations, when they first appear in the paper, must be within brackets, preceded by their full names.

11. Figures (graphs and photographs), with minimum resolution of 300dpi, must be black and white, with shadows and frame. The dimensions (height and width) cannot be larger than 17 cm, always with portrait page orientation, letter type of Times New Roman, size 11, non-bold type and non-italics.

12.The figures and tables must self-explanatory and located in the text right after they are mentioned. Their identification must be expressed in two languages, being the English language one of them. The tables must be produced in Word text editor and cannot be put in the text as being figures. For the tables which include numbers, the points must be aligned vertically and the numbers must be centralized in the column.

13.Scientific names must be fully written (ex: Araucaria angustifolia) and in italics.

14. Formulae edited by the module Equation Editor, of Microsoft Word, must obey the text letter, with symbols, subscript/superscript, etc, in suitable proportions.

15. Bibliographical quotations will be carried out in accordance with NBR 10520 from ABNT, using the system author-date. All quotations mentioned in the text must listed down in the reference list, in compliance with NBR 6023 from ABNT.

16. In its final version, all authors names must be inserted immediately below the paper title and identified with its superscript sequence number. The authors calling must be indicated as footnote at the first page.

17. The manuscripts subjected to Ciência Florestal are submitted to the area committee which will decide the need of sending to ad hoc reviewers. The trial version is returned to the authors for corrections and, later, are finally evaluated by the Editing Committee. The accepted articles are published preferably in the order of their approval. Offprint will not be provided. The articles are available, in ‘pdf' format, at the following electronic address:

18. For further information and doubts consult the published articles and the Editing Committee through the e-mail:

It is used CopySpider software for detection of plagiarism.

Articles accepted for publication become the property Journal.


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. The contribution is original and new, and is NOT being evaluated for a publication in another journal.
  2. The files for submission are in Microsoft Word format (DOC or RTF), not exceeding 2MB.
  3. The text of work must be according to the journal Instructions to Authors (in simple spacing, with lines and pages numbered, font 11 Time New Roman, using italic instead of underlined (except in URL addresses), Figures and Tables inserted in the text ( right after its summon). Read more instructions in the Instructions to Authors. The works must not exceed 12 pages in simple spacing. ATTENTION: works out of the Instructions to Authors will be returned.
  4. Was the item 2, §1 from Instructions to Authors accomplished?
  5. The text follows the style Standards and bibliographic requirements described in Instructions to Authors, in section ABOUT- Submissions.
  6. The identification of the work authorship was removed from the article and the option Word Properties (WATCH OUT: verify the parts in bold), ensuring, this way, the criteria of secrecy of this journal, in case of submitted to the evaluation by pairs (e.g.: articles), according to instructions available in the Asserting the Blind Evaluation by Pairs.


Submission of a paper

Would you like submitting to this journal? We invite you to check out the INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS. It is necessary for the authors to register with the journal prior to submitting, if already registered can simply ACCESS ( in and begin the process 5 step (1. START; 2. UPLOAD SUBMISSION; 3. ENTER METADATA; 4. UPLOAD SUPPLEMENTARY FILES and 5. CONFIRMATION).


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