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Scope and editorial policy

The journal Ciência da Informação is devoted to the publication of original works related to information science, or works that present the results of studies and researches concerning the activities of the segment of science and technology information, either bibliographical and non-bibliographical.

In that context, information science is understood as an interdisciplinary area by nature, with investigative and analytic purposes, which objective is the study of the phenomena correlated to the production, organization, diffusion and use of information in all the fields of knowledge. The activities of the segment of information are considered as those developed by public and private institutions as a whole, and related to the process comprising the generation, analysis, preparation, diffusion and use of knowledge and communicable data in the field of science and technique.

The segment includes, therefore, components of several other sectors, as the ones of the education, culture and research, publishing industry, mass communication industry in its aspects related to the communication and popularization of the science, computer science industry, reprography and micrograph industry, telecommunication and informatics.


Editorial standards

1. Unpublished originals will be accepted and submitted to the approval of referees that are recognized specialists in the themes under consideration. The works will be sent for evaluation with no identification of responsibility.

2. Works that have already been published in foreign periodicals will be exceptionally accepted and subjected to the same evaluation process of the unpublished originals. The author should present an authorization in writing of the editor of the journal in which its article has been originally published.

3. Originals will be published in Portuguese or Spanish languages.

4. The Publishing Service of Ciência da Informação holds the right to introduce alterations in the originals, aiming at maintaining the uniformity and the quality of the publication, although respecting the authors' style and opinions. The typographic proofs will not be sent to the authors.

5. The articles published in Ciência da Informação can be total or partially reprinted, provided that the direction of the journal and the respective author give expressed permission, as well as the original source of publication be assigned.

6. The authors will receive two copies of the journal.

7. All opinions stated by the articles’ authors are their exclusive responsibility.

8. The journal classifies all the collaborations according to the following sections:

  • Articles: this section comprises texts that contain complete reports of studies or concluded researches, critical matters regarding a particular viewpoint, reviews of the literature and other similar contributions.
  • Communications: this section comprises brief reports on present time themes, research works or projects in progress or recently-concluded, that are significant, and deserve fast dissemination.
  • Experiments Reports: this section consists of notes, articles, communications and descriptions related to the activities accomplished by information systems, services or units, which dissemination can contribute to the best knowledge of the information resources that are available in the country, as well as to the solution of technical problems concerning the segment.
  • Documents: this section consists of unpublished or reprinted texts, that refer to historical aspects, non-conventional documents of limited circulation, results of analyses on the information segment conducted by the initiative of different institutions, consultancy reports etc.
  • Reviews: this section comprises critical analyses of books and periodicals recently published, as well as of dissertations and theses.


Presentation of works

Formats: all the contributions should be preferably sent in floppy disk, accompanied of a double spaced hard-copy version. The floppy disk (3 1/2" or 5 1/4") will be accepted provided that the work has been written in one of the following word processors: Microsoft Word for Windows, Microsoft Word for Macintosh and Word Perfect.

Exceptionally, typewritten texts will be accepted provided that an electric or electronic typewriter has been used, employing the courier font, a polyethylene ribbon and white paper size A4 (21 cm x 29,7 cm). The work should be typed double spaced with thirty lines per page, and numbered consecutively.

The official spelling should be observed in both cases. The first page of the original should contain the title of the work, the author's complete name, a short curriculum vitae, complete address, telephone, fax or telex numbers, and e-mail.

Title of the work: the title, together with its translation into English, should be brief and sufficiently specific and descriptive, including keywords that represent the theme of the text.

Abstract: an informative abstract of approximately 200 words should be included, both in Portuguese and English, typed double spaced in the second page of the original.

Acknowledgements: acknowledgements to the support received for the development of the work should be mentioned at the end of the article.

Footnotes: referring notes to the text should be indicated with a high asterisk, immediately after the corresponding sentence. The notes should be printed at the foot of the page.

Appendixes: appendixes can be used in the case of extensive lists, statistics and other support elements.

Graphic materials: well defined photographs and graphics (strictly indispensable to the clarity of the text) can be accepted, and should be marked in the text in numerical order, pointing out the places where they should be inserted. If the illustrations have already been published, the source and the permission for reproduction should be mentioned.

Tables: tables should be accompanied of a descriptive title that makes them understandable without reference to the text. All tables must be cited in the text in numerical order, and their approximate position should be indicated in the margin.

Bibliographical references: bibliographical references should follow the NBR 6023/1989, the rules of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT). The references should be numbered in the sequential order that they appear in the text, constituting a unique numbered list at the end of the article. Authors should assume full responsibility for the accuracy and adequacy of the references that have been consulted and mentioned in the text.

All contributions should be sent to the Publishing Service of the Ciência da Informação, IBICT, at the address below.


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