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Basic informations

Aim: is to publish articles that contribute to the improvement and development of the practice, research and teaching topics related to the Spine, Spinal Diseases, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Rehabilitation and related areas in Brazil, Ibero-America and other regions as well.

Coluna/Columna is the official cientific publication organ of Sociedade Brasileira de Coluna (SBC), and of affiliate associations:

  • Sociedade Portuguesa de Patologia da Coluna Vertebral - SPPCV;
  • Asociación Mexicana de Cirujanos de Columna - AMCICO;
  • Capítulo de Columna de la Sociedad Ecuatoriana de Ortopedia y Traumatologia - SEOT;
  • Capítulo de Columna de la Sociedad Colombiana de Ortopedia y Traumatología - SCCOT;
  • Capítulo de Columna de la Sociedad Venezolana de Cirugía Ortopédica y Traumatologia - SVCOT;
  • Sociedad Iberolatinoamericana de Columna Vertebral - SILACO;
  • Sociedade Brasileira de Neurocirurgia - SBN;
  • Capítulo de Columna de la Federación Latinoamericana de Sociedades de Neurocirugía - FLANC;
  • Capítulo de Columna da Sociedad Latinoamericana de Ortopedia y Traumatología - SLAOT;
  • Sociedad Argentina de Patologia de la Columna Vertebral - SAPCV;
  • Federação Mundial de Quiropraxia (WFC);
  • Capítulo de Coluna do México- Columna en linea;
  • Associação Paraguaia de Cirurgia de Coluna;

Areas of interest: Spine diseases, Orthopedic and Traumatology; Rehabilitation, and related subjects.
Periodicity: Quarterly

Its abbreviated title is Coluna/Columna, which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and strips.


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  • SciELO - Scientific Electronic Library Online
  • Scopus - Elsevier
  • LILACS - Literatura Latino-Americana e do Caribe em Ciências da Saúde


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