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Cadernos de Pesquisa, created in 1971, is a Journal of Fundação Carlos Chagas, an institution considered a center of excellence in educational research. ts main objective is to promote academic research through the publication of innovative studies related to research, essays and other types of texts, directly or indirectly linked to education. The Journal broadly addresses issues in education, aggregating topics related to gender, race relations, childhood, youth, school, work, family and social policies to studies on school matters, in an interdisciplinary manner. It has a wide scope involving the different areas within the human sciences, from various theoretical and methodological perspectives, allowing for the exchange of information and discussion on key issues in these fields.

Its priority is the publication of empirical, historical and/or documentary studies, especially those carried out in Brazil, yet creating opportunities for those from abroad. It also welcomes essays relating to theoretical-methodological contributions and makes available to the Brazilian reader texts of renowned international authors that can reference studies in the area, translated into Portuguese or Spanish. In the Issues in Focus section, relevant and/or emerging issues are published. Other Issues, features selected articles. The journal also has the sections: Issues under Discussion, on controversial subjects; Plural Space, which hosts interviews, real-life experience reports, documents of academic and historical value and public statements of organizations; Reviews.

Published quarterly until 1996, it became a tri-annual publication in 1997, and returned to quarterly publication in 2014. Between 1979 and 1998 the publication was co-edited by Cortez Editora and, since 1999, by Editora Autores Associados. The publishers are responsible for the promotion and distribution of the journal.

The abbreviated title of the journal is Cad. Pesqui., which should be used in footnotes and bibliographic references.


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