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The yearly subscription to the three journal’s issues should be made directly with
Editora Autores Associados.

It can be made by mail:

Address: Postal Box 6164
13081-970 - Campinas - SP
Fone/Fax: 55 (19) 3289-5930

Catalog on-line: <>

Alternatively, yearly subscriptions can be made by filling the electronic form at the publisher’s website at, and making a deposit to the bank account with Banco do Brazil, Branch 1515-6, C/C 1099-5.

Price of a single issue is
R$ 34,00 (for issues 106 to 132)
R$ 39,00 (for subsequent issues.)

Single issues up to issue 105 can be purchased directly from the Fundação Carlos Chagas Library.

Endereço: Av. Prof. Francisco Morato, 1565
05513-900 – São Paulo - SP
Fone: 55 (11) 3723-3083 / 3723-3084
Fax: 55 (11) 3721-1059

Payment options:

Bank check to Fundação Carlos Chagas or payment order/electronic deposit (please fax a copy of receipt).

Banco Bradesco
Agência Jardim Guedala n. 2199-7
Conta Corrente n. 1000-6

Price of previous issues:

Issue Price
1 ao 63 R$ 10,00
64 ao 99 R$ 15,00
100 ao 105 R$ 30,00

All subscriptions and changes of address should be sent to Academia Brasileira de Ciências (address below).


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