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Instructions for authors

  • DENTAL PRESS ORTHODONTICS AND FACIAL ORTHOPEDICS magazine, addressed to the dental class, manages to publish scientific investigation articles, clinical cases and technical reports, articles concerned to the orthodontic class interest required by the Editorial Staff, significant reviews, brief communications and news.
  • The texts will be submitted to the Magazine Editorial Staff point of view who will decide if they will be published or not, evaluating them as "favorable", as well as indicating corrections and/or suggesting some changes.
  • In each edition the Editorial Staff will select, among the articles considered favorable for publishing, those that will immediately be published.
  • Receiving the articles, Dental Press company does not assume the compromise of publishing them.
  • The articles can be withdrawn at any time, before being selected by the Editorial Staff.
  • The signed statements are from the authors' total responsibility.
  • The texts must be sent in a text editor, enclosing two printed copies and one in a diskette (4.000 words maximum, including references and captions).
  • The elucidative notes must be restricted to the essential number and must be presented in the end of the text.
  • Regarding the text, it demands: correction of both the Portuguese and the English languages (compulsory).
  • The pictures, tables and illustrations should be included in the text and numbered in Arabic numbers (with their respective captions).
  • Do not use baseboard notes.
  • The references accuracy is the authors' responsibility; and these references must embrace all the data necessary to their identification.
  • All the authors mentioned in the text must be in the list of references.
  • The references must be presented in the end of the text, according to the norms of ABNT 6023, 2002, not exceeding 30, as the following examples::

    Book with an author
    BRASKAR, S.N. Synopsis of oral pathology. 5th ed. St. Louis: Mosby, 1977.

    Book of a maximum of three authors
    HENDERSON, D.; McGIVNEY, G.P.; CASTLEBERRY, D.J. McCraken's removable partial prosthodontics. 7th ed. St. Louis: C.V. Mosby, 1985.

    Book with more than three authors
    APRILE, H. et al. Anatomia odontológica orocervicofacial. 5. ed. Buenos Aires: El Ateneo, 1975.

    Chapter of a book
    GONÇALVES, N. Técnicas radiográficas para o estudo da articulação têmporomandibular. In: FREITAS, A.; ROSA, J. E.; FARIA, S. I. Radiologia odontológica. 2. ed. São Paulo: Artes Médicas, 1988. p. 247-258.

    Thesis and Dissertation
    PEREIRA, A. C. Estudo comparativo de diferentes métodos de exame, utilizados em Odontologia, para diagnóstico da cárie dentária. 1993. Dissertação (Mestrado)-Faculdade de Saúde Pública, Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, 1993.

    Magazine Article
    CAPELOZZA FILHO, Leopoldino. Uma variação no desenho do aparelho expansor rápido da maxila no tratamento da dentadura decídua ou mista precoce. R Dental Press Ortodon Ortop Facial, Maringá, v.4, n. 1, p. 69-74, jan./fev. 1999.
    STEPHAN, R.M. Effect of different types of human foods on dental health in experimental animals. J Dent Res, Chicago, v. 45, p. 1551-1561, 1966.

    References of the Authors in the text
    With the purpose of making the reading of the text easier, the reference of the authors must be numeric, respecting their alphabetic order in the references list


Purposes and polices

Phases for Publishing the Articles

One of the main purposes of Dental Press Magazine is to preserve the idoneity of the published articles, being valorized by the odontologic class. Therefore, all the articles received by Dental Press is submitted to the following process:

1) The articles are received at the head-office. The responsible staff checks the material and let the author know it has arrived.

2) One of the copies of the article is sent to the Magazine Editorial Staff for evaluation.

3) The members of the Editorial Staff select 2 professionals, among the 88 consultants and co-workers of the magazine, in order to evaluate the article. In this phase the "double bind" system is used, that is, the name of the authors are omitted on purpose so that the analysis of the study is not influenced, and the authors, although informed on the current method, do not know who the responsible staff for evaluating their work is.

4) Enclosed to the article, each consultant receives a questionnaire that will allow them to draw observations and determine if the article will be published or not. The model of such questionnaire can be further observed. When giving the article and the filled questionnaire back to Dental Press, each consultant chooses if he wants or not to revise the article once more.

5) The article will be selected for publishing only if both consultants approve it. If one of them refuses it, the article will be sent to a third consultant.

6) If it is necessary, the article will be sent to the authors so that the corrections suggested by the consultants are performed.

7) Back to the office, the article will be submitted to the correction of both the references and the norms of the Brazilian Association of the Technical Norms (ABNT), a procedure that is carried out by the office's librarian who is currently a member of the ABNT´s committee.

8) Professionals in charge of performing the diagrams and publishing make the article suitable for the graphic criteria of the Magazine.

9) Properly diagrammed and revised, the article is sent to the Scientific Board of the Magazine to be revised, observing the arrangement of the pictures, plots, text, abstracts, key words, and other components.

10) Finally, the article is sent to the author who will make the last information available. Only during this phase of the process, the authors are informed on the edition in which his article will be published.

11) The articles and other materials of each edition are brought together, forming the "sketch" of the magazine that is revised page by page, picture by picture, letter by letter by the magazine's art editor who assumes the role of "Ombudsman".

12) Only after performing the last corrections in the "sketch", the graphic and printing phases are properly initiated.

Flux gram of the articles for publishing

1)The article is received at Dental Press;
2) An e-mail is sent to let the author know the article has arrived;
3) A printed copy is sent to the editorial board;
4)A selection of two consultants is carried out;
5) A copy of the article, without identification and with an enclosed evaluation form, is sent to the consultants;
6) If the article is refused, it is sent to a third consultant;
7)The revised article is sent to the authors (if some corrections are necessary);
8) The article is sent to the consultants once more (if it is required);
9) When coming back, the article is pre-selected for publishing;
10) The article is submitted to both the references correction and normalization;
11) The article is diagrammed according to the criteria of the magazine;
12) The diagram process is revised;
13) The article is sent for the author's acceptance;
14) The edition is closed;
15) A last editorial correction is performed;
16) The graphic production is carried out.



Form and preparation of the manuscripts

  • The illustrations must embrace originals of good quality, preferably in slides or diskette/CD in a high resolution image (300 DPI).
  • The drawings can be improved or traced again by the magazine production, according to the Editorial Staff's criteria.
  • The figures and tables, in Arabic numbers, and with their respective captions, must be sent in separated papers, but inserted in the text.
  • The texts must enclose the abstract in Portuguese and English of a maximum of 250 words, as well as 3 to 5 key-words also in Portuguese and English.
  • On the first page the texts must present the author's identification (name, institution, post, title, address, e-mail) of a maximum of 5 lines.
  • Due to the exemption concerning the evaluation of the studies by the Editorial Staff, the second page must bring the title in Portuguese and English, the abstract, the key-words, omitting either the names or any data related to the authors.


Sending the manuscripts

All the articles must be registered and sent preferably by Sedex with the payment to::

Dental Press International
Av. Euclides da Cunha, 1718 - Zona 5,
CEP 87015-180
Maringá - Paraná - Brasil
Fone/Fax (0xx44) 3262-2425

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