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Scope and editorial policy

Estudos Afro-Asiáticos will accept works not yet published in Brazil covering study topics such as racial relations and Negro cultures in both Brazil and the Diaspora, interethnic relations and nationalism in several different contexts, and national realities and international relations of countries in Africa and Asia.

Publication decisions will be made according to evaluations by members of both the Editorial and the Advisory Council, who will assess the merits of each work as well as its suitability to the magazine's editorial purposes.

All ideas and concepts expressed in signed articles are the sole responsibility of their authors.


Preparation of originals

Originals must be submitted for consideration with a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 40 double-spaced pages using size 12 type. They should be accompanied by a floppy disk (providing information on the word processor used) as well as an abstract with roughly ten lines and five key words, plus the author's academic and professional qualifications. Tables, diagrams, graphs and the like must be separately submitted along with their captions, an indication as to their point of inclusion in the text, and information regarding the data and/or word processor used in their preparation.

Notes must be sequentially numbered and appended to the end of the text. Every effort should be made not to include notes for the sole purpose of supplying bibliographical information on quotations. The latter should be followed instead by a parenthetical indication of the authors' names, year of publication and page.

Upon publication authors will be offered a copy of the magazine and four separate reprints of their works.

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