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People interested in signing up the magazine should make a deposit with the corresponding value at BANCO DO BRASIL - Agência: 2234- 9 / Botafogo - Conta Corrente 957333-x - Identifier Code: 157236. In favor of: Fundação Universitária José Bonifácio.

Deposits should be made directly to the bank teller with code verifier. The original deposit slips must be sent by mail to the Journal. We note that vouchers are not accepted delivery envelope in the ATM.

The Subscription Form should also be filled in and forward with a copy of the deposit receipt to the following address:

Escola de Enfermagem Anna Nery, Rua Afonso Cavalcanti, 275 - Cidade Nova - Rio de Janeiro- RJ - Brasil - Cep: 20.211-110.

These documents can also be scanned, after the signature of all the authors, and e-mailed to the following address:;, or be faxed to: 21 2293 8999 extension 209.

The prices for signing up, available at ASSINATURA 2010.pdf

The online journal is free and open access.


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