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General information

The journal Economia Aplicada (Brazilian Journal of Applied Economics) is a quarterly publication of the Dept. of Economics of the Faculty of Economics, Business and Accounting of the University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto (FEA-RP/USP).

It was first published in 1997 by the Dept. of Economics of FEA-USP and by FIPE, with the primary concern of filling an editorial gap in Brazil. The Journal's interest is to publish solely scientific papers on applied economics.

Nowadays it has the same goal. Its focus is to publish papers with economic analysis applied to specific problems of interest either to public or private sector, especially with quantitative results bringing theory and reality closer.

Its abbreviated title is Econ. Aplic., and it should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, references and bibliographic strips.



Indexing sources

  • EconLit - Journal of Economic Literature of the American Economic Association


Intellectual property

All content of the journal, except where identified, is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution-type BY.



The publication of the journal receives financial support from:

  • Programa MCT/CNPq e MEC/CAPES


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