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Scope and policy

Economia e Sociedade concentrates on subjects of broad interest in economic theory, (national and international) applied economics, economic history, and history of economic thought. The Editorial Board may suggest that papers of more restricted interest be submitted to specialized publications.

The editors place a high value on communication between social scientists. For this reason, we advise authors to make their best efforts to ensure optimum legibility of texts when using formal procedures. This requires clarity in objectives and conclusions, as well as transparency regarding the implications of both simplifying hypotheses and methods employed.

As a rule, the editors send manuscripts for double-blind peer review by two anonymous referees affiliated with institutions other than that of the authors. Economia e Sociedade publishes the names and affiliations of its ad hoc referees annually. Conflicting reviews may be settled by the editors, and the Editorial Board or be subject to further consultations with referees. When referees ask for changes, the Editorial Board mediates the communication between referees and authors. In case of rejection, a summary is sent to authors upon request.

Authors are held responsible for the content of their manuscripts.

The authors of the articles own the copyright.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Economia e Sociedade publishes papers, research notes, and reviews. Preference is given to papers not exceeding 70,000 characters (without spaces). Research notes and reviews should not exceed 35,000 and 15,000 characters (without spaces), respectively.

The print version of this journal is released in Portuguese and Spanish. It welcomes submissions in English, but requires that, once accepted for publication, papers in English be translated into Portuguese (or Spanish) at the authors' expense. The online version will be able to publish both versions (Portuguese or Spanish and English) simultaneously.

Papers and research notes must contain a title, an abstract (not exceeding 150 words), and a list of up to five keywords. This information must be provided in both Portuguese (or Spanish) and English. In addition, authors must include a list of up to five descriptors from the classification system of the Journal of Economic Literature (available at

Charts and tables (both containing titles and sources), equations and footnotes should be restricted to a necessary minimum.

Complete bibliographical references must be provided at the end of the manuscript and not footnoted. References in the body of the text will contain only the authors' names, the date of the original publication, and the pages or chapters referred to.


Manuscript submission

Manuscripts must be submitted online (at, preferably in MS Word format. Charts and tables must be sent in an editable format. Self-references should be removed from manuscripts to avoid author identification. The authors' full names, their affiliations, their postal and email addresses, and phone and fax numbers must be sent in a separate file, after the manuscript.

The submitted manuscript is regarded as final. Once accepted, manuscripts are edited for spelling and grammar. This journal does not pay copyright fees to authors.

There are no fees for submission and evaluation of articles.


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