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Scope and policy

Estudos Econômicos is interested in publishing original manuscripts either in Portuguese or in English. The Editor will forward the submitted manuscripts to designated referees, in accordance to the double blind review system, that is, authors do not get to know who their referees are - and vice-versa - in any moment of the evaluation process.

Besides articles, Estudos Econômicos also publishes book reviews. Such reviews should follow the same rules valid for articles, submitting never previously published material only, up to 6 pages with line and half spacing, font size 12, and minimum margins of 2.5 cm.

The printed or digital revised versions will be forwarded to their authors, who should double-check them up to the deadline established by the Editorial Committee. After this deadline, the Editorial Committee understands that the authors agree with the format of the revised versions.

Each author will receive 1 reprint of the article.

Estudos Econômicos does not charge submission fee nor publication fee.


Manuscripts' form and presentation

Submitted originals shall not exceed 25 pages, numbered, with line and half spacing, font size 12, and minimum margins of 2.5 cm. The originals should contain an abstract of 100 to 150 words, 3 to 5 keywords, both in English and Portuguese, and JEL Classification codes.

Articles containing formulas should bring their respective demonstration in order to facilitate the referees' evaluation.

The bibliographic references - only the ones effectively cited in the body of the article - should come at the end of the text, in alphabetical order, according to rule NBR-6023 from ABNT.

The original text and table files should be formatted in Word processor only along with a version in pdf format (using Acrobat Reader). Tables and figures, in turn, should be sent preferably as Excel files or in image format (.eps, .jpg or .png). Graphic files, figures and maps should be sent in their original format and separated from the text, containing complete titles and sources.


The sending of manuscripts

Submissions should be made electronically in the following address:


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