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Basic information

The journal Estudos Históricos [Historic Studies] is a bi-annual periodical focusing on one specific theme in each issue. It was released in 1988, with an interdisciplinary profile, having as a goal the publication of unpublished works made by researchers in the fields of History, Social Sciences, Literature, etc., that had a historical perspective. Since then, the journal has been functioning uninterruptedly for over 20 years. Its singularity is that it diffuses works from several fields of knowledge, always with a historical perspective. As such, the journal has remained the one of its kind in Brazil, since the dialogue it establishes among several disciplines differentiates it from others, be them from the field of History or any other field. Estudos Históricos is published in paper, but its users can access previous issues in the portals of Scielo Brasil (www.scielo.br), CPDOC/FGV (www.cpdoc.fgv.br) and in the Capes periodicals portal (www.capes.gov.br). In printed form, the journal maintains an exchange arrangement with 92 national libraries and 30 foreign libraries, which shows an ample circulation among its consultants, particularly the students. Internationally, we have partnerships with journals from the following countries: Spain, Mexico, France, Portugal, United States, Argentina, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Germany and Israel. Given the existence, in FGV/CPDOC, of the Postgraduate Program in History, Politics and Cultural Assets, which has a master's course, an academic master's course and a doctorate course, the journal becomes an important means of communication between postgraduate programs, particularly in the fields of History and Social Sciences.

The abbreviated title of the periodical is Estud. hist. (Rio J.), and it must be used in bibliographies, footnotes, references and bibliographic captions.



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All content of the journal, except where identified, is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution type BY.

The online journal is free and open access.



The journal is financed by the Getulio Vargas Foundation, with the support of CNPq.




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