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Scope and Policy

The journal Estudos Históricos has an interdisciplinary profile, its goal being the publication of unpublished works by researchers in the fields of History, Social Sciences, Literature, etc., which have a historical perspective.

Estudos Históricos will only accept unpublished works in the form of articles, reviews and bibliographic analyses. All articles presented to the publishers will be submitted to two evaluators so that they can give an assessment. The process of evaluation by pairs is the system of blind review, in a procedure that keeps secret the identity of the authors and of the revisers. In case a conflict of interests on the part of the revisers is detected, the Editorial Committee will send the manuscript to another reviser ad hoc. In case there are disagreements in the assessments, the editors will send the text to a third party for evaluation.

The assessments of the revisers will recommend, alternatively:

a) complete acceptance;
b) acceptance with reformulations;
c) refusal of the submitted text.

In any of these cases, the author will be informed. The final decision on whether or not the manuscript will be published is always made by the editors, who also reserve themselves the right to decide on the necessity of introducing alterations in the composition of the originals. The alterations always aim at keeping the homogeneity and quality of journal, albeit respecting the style and the opinion of the authors. Therefore, the articles will express solely and exclusively the opinions and conclusions of its authors.

The texts written in foreign languages, when accepted by the Editorial Board, will be translated to Portuguese with permission of the author.


Formatting and preparing the manuscripts

All articles sent to the journal for publication must come with a list of up to six keywords that identify the main subjects exposed in the work and with an informative summary in Portuguese, with versions in English and in French, with 100 words at the most, where the objectives, the methods employed, and the main conclusions of the work are made clear. In case the article is a result of a research subsidized by a financial agency, this agency must be mentioned. Information about the author (to each institution he or she is linked, which are his or hers posts, fields of interest, latest publications, etc.) and documentation concerning the declaration of originality, the declaration of responsibility and the assignment of copyright (see models below) must also be sent to the editors. The articles published in the journal may also be available in different media and on the internet.

Rules for the presentation of originals:

The texts submitted to the editors for publication in the journal Estudos Históricos must be typed in Winword, font Times New Roman 12, double space, page format A-4. In this format, the limit of the texts will be 50 thousand characters (with space) for articles and 8 thousand characters (with space) for reviews, including footnotes and bibliographical references. The file must be sent by e-mail or presented in CD. The standards for the footnotes and bibliographical references are the ones from the norm NBR 6023. The footnotes must be succinct. The bibliographical references must not be done in the form of footnotes, but be within the main body of the text. The reference must contain the name of the author followed by the date of publication of the work and the page number, separated by a colon.


According to Cassirer (1979:46), the synthesis and the production through knowledge... The I that enunciates "I" (Benveniste, 1972:32)...

Bibliographical references:

The bibliographical references must constitute a single list at the end of the article, in alphabetical order. They must follow the models below:

1) when referring to a book:

a) author´s last name (in caps), followed by first name;
b) date of publication;
c) title of the book (italics);
d) number of edition;
e) local of publication;
f) name of publishing company.


BACHELARD, Gaston. 1984. La terre et les rêveries de la volonté. Paris, Librairie José Corti.

2) when referring to an article:

a) author´s last name (in caps), followed by first name;
b) date of publication;
c) title of article in quotation marks;
d) full name of periodical (italics);
e) local of publication;
f) tome and number of periodical.


CAMARGO, Aspásia. 1984. "Os usos da história oral e da história de vida: trabalhando com elites políticas". Dados. Rio de Janeiro, vol. 27, n° 1.


Declaration of responsibility and assignment of copyright:

Each author must read and sign the documents listed below:

  • (1) Declaration of responsibility and originality
  • (2) Assignment of copyright, in which will be included the title of the manuscript and the full name of the authors.

1. The declaration of responsibility and originality will be signed in these terms:

  • "I certify my responsibility for the content of this work, conceived by me or with my participation, and I attest that I did not omit any links or financial agreements between the authors and agencies that may have an interest in the publication of this article";
  • "I attest that the manuscript submitted to the journal Estudos Históricos titled... is original and that the work, of which I am the author, has not been sent to another journal and will not be while its publication is being considered by the journal Estudos Históricos, be it in printed or electronic format."

2. Assignment of copyright:

  • "I declare that, in case this article is accepted, the journal Estudos Históricos will detain the copyright referring to it, which will become its exclusive property, and that the total or partial reproduction of this article in any other part or medium, whether in printed or electronic form, is prohibited without the request of previous and necessary authorization, and that if such authorization is obtained, I will include my acknowledgement of the journal."
    Signed by the author(s)
    Date          /        /


Sending manuscripts

All correspondence referring to the publication of articles must be sent to eh@fgv.br (preferably) or to:

Fundação Getulio Vargas /CPDOC.
Secretaria da Revista Estudos Históricos
Praia de Botafogo, 190 , 14° andar
22.253-900 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

The articles may be submitted to the editors through the Electronic System of Journal Editing, available in the portal of FGV's Digital Library through the website http://bibliotecadigital.fgv.br/ojs/index.php/reh(preferably) or sent to eh@fgv.br

There is no fee for submission and review articles.


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