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Scope and Policies

Educar em Revista publishes original articles on education and related areas.

Editorial policy: The texts published are of authors full responsibility.

Issues of Interest: Education (Educational Fundaments; Educational Management; Planning and Educational Evaluation; Teaching-Learning; Learning Evaluation; Curriculum; Specific Topics on Education).

Peer review: Manuscripts are sent to two "ad hoc" evaluators, who must be recognized doctors in their research areas and participants of official research groups.

Journal readers: Researchers of education and related areas, teachers from various levels of teaching, graduation and post-graduation students.


Format and preparation of manuscripts

Educar em Revista accepts works directly related to education with the following specifications:

1. Unpublished articles in Portuguese, Spanish, French or English:

    - only written by the PhD researchers, limited to two author(s) for each article since the coauthor also be a PhD;
    - they must analyze results from studies, emphasizing clearly the aims, procedures and analyses;

    Educar em Revista takes the right of not accepting experiment reports and bibliographic reviews to be published.

2. Format demanded in order to send the article to the peer review:

    The size of each article must not have more than 15 (fifteen) pages, including bibliographical references, illustrations, graphs, maps and charts;
    • Abstract, in the original language of the article, in Portuguese and in English, maximum of 230 (two hundred thirty) words - inserted right bellow the author(s) name(s);
    • Maximum of five keywords in the language of the article, in Portuguese and in English;
    Ex.: Education; culture; History; childhood; school.
    • Text in Word for Windows following these instructions: Times New Roman letters, size 12, 1,5 spaced lines, A4 sheet size, 2,5 cm margin size, page numbers at the inferior right corner.
    Identification at the top of the page containing:
    • Paper title (in the original language; in Portuguese and in English) - in case of research support, the funding institution should be mentioned in a footnote.
    • Author(s) name(s) - footnotes must have the following data about the author(s) - information about the affiliation of all authors of the articles, indicating the institution written out in full, address, state, city and country of origin, following the example below. When there is more than one affiliation, only the main affiliation must be referred.

    Ex.: Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), Education Department. 460, General Carneiro St., Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. Zip code: 80060-150.

3. References must follow ABNT rules, noticing that the titles of works and documents must be highlighted in italics.
Some models are presented below:
SURNAME, N. Title: subtitle. City: Publisher, year. (Collection)
SURNAME, N. Chapter title. In: SURNAME, N. Book title. City: Publisher, year. p.
SURNAME, N. Article title. Journal Title, City, v. , n. , p., month (abbreviated), year.
SURNAME, N. Title: subtitle. City, year. Available at: <complete website>. Accessed in: Day/Month/Year - according to the model: 25/02/2013.
SURNAME, N. Title: subtitle. Thesis or Dissertation (Subject or Program), Discipline, Institution, City, date.

    • In order to avoid the author(s) identification, articles that make any explicit reference to their names in the text, footnotes or quotations linked to the name of the author(s), the dissertation or thesis advisor, as well as any reference from the author(s) about their participation in research groups are not going to be accepted. Educar em Revista recommends the use of XXX instead of the author's name and instead of the work title. In case of approval for publication, Educar em Revista will contact the author(s) to rescue that information.
    Educar em Revista follows procedures which prevent conflicts of inter­est during the submitted works evaluation steps.
    • Bibliographical reference footnotes are not allowed. For this purpose, references should be inserted in the text: in the work body, indicating author(s) name(s), year of publishing and page (for instance: BARTOLOMEU, 2012, p. 234). Footnotes must be used to absolute necessary details.
    • Articles that present no references or incomplete/inappropriate refer­ences will be sent back to authors to future resubmission.

4. Illustrations, charts, graphs and maps (digitalized with 300 DPIs) must be sent placed in the text body and also in separated files (.TIF or .JPG). In some cases, their numbers and titles should be inserted at the upside left of the picture (ex. FIGURE 2 - ALPHABETIZATION LESSON OF THE AFRO EXPERIMENTAL THEATER). The source must be at the left bottom (ex.: SOURCE: Brazil Afro Museum Collection) and short explanation texts must be no longer than 3 (three) lines.

5. Texts should be submitted to Educar em Revista by Sistema Eletrônico de Revistas - SER - ("Electronic Journals System") at: <>. Select "Cadastro" ("Register" as author). After filling up the form, attach your text which must be sent to one of the following sections: Demanda Continua (Continuous Demand).

6. The received texts will be sent to 2 (two) ad hoc experts, preserving the anonymity of the authors. The whole process of communication among publishers, experts and authors runs electronically. The reports are registered in the system and the texts may be: a) accepted; b) required reviews; c) rejected. In case of divergent opinions, the material will be sent to a third expert.

7. Each article from Demanda Continua section provides to the author the right of receiving 5 (five) copies of the Journal's number in which the paper was published.

8. Only the texts that follow these rules presented here will be accepted.

9. Educar em Revista preserves itself in order to not publish work(s) from the same author(s) in intervals shorter than 2 (two) years. Editors keep themselves the right of refusing articles in which amendments were requested, in case they do not fit the experts judgment. If the text is accepted for publication, the journal may change some formal items in the work.

10. The acceptance of the subject for publication includes the author's rights transference to this journal. It is assured to Educar em Revista the in­formation divulgation rights and copyrights, according to copyrights law. The subject contents are of full responsibility of their author(s).

11. Address for correspondence:
Educar em Revista
Universidade Federal do Paraná
Rua General Carneiro, 460, 1º andar, sala 102
80.060 - 150 - Curitiba - PR - Brasil


Manuscripts Submission

Educar em Revista accepts unpublished articles that are related to education, in Portuguese, Spanish, French or English. Texts should be submitted to Educar em Revista by SER - Sistema Eletrônico de Revistas ("Electronic Journals System") at: <>. Select "Cadastro" ("Register"). Each article must have a maximum of 15 (fifteen) pages, including bibliographical references, illustrations, graphs, maps and charts. Abstract, in the article's language and in English, of a maximum of 230 (two hundred thirty) words - placed right bellow author(s) name(s). It must have a maximum of five keywords in the article's language and in English. Text in Word for Windows following these instructions: Times New Roman letters, size 12, 1,5 spaced lines, A4 sheet size, 2,5 cm margin size, page numbers at the inferior right corner.


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