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The project of the first scientific journal of the Postgraduate Program of Studies in Semiotics and Communication, called "Face: Journal of Semiotics and Communication" (ISSN 0103-1562), ended in 1995. Then, in 2000, the Program decided to consider the need to resume the idea of having a vehicle of scientific dissemination as a relevant part of its goal of consolidating its Lines of Research, to promote interchanges with other Programs and institutions and to contribute to the consolidation of the field of Communication. This decision led to the creation of the new journal, "Galáxia" in the following year. Like the previous journal, Galáxia is a quarterly publication, but with a revamped editorial line and a different graphic design. Under the scientific direction of Irene Machado, the inaugural issue of Galáxia was published in the first half of that same year. The journal has been published online since 2010.

Periodicity: four months.

Objectives and areas of interest: the journal's editorial proposal encompasses disciplinary confluences and connections aimed at (1) understanding the production, circulation and reception of communication meanings/signs; (2) demonstrate the variety of research in communications, in terms of discourses, social practices and conditions of interaction, technological and otherwise; and (3) based on dialogue and the confrontation of different points of view, find methodological solutions in a field of knowledge whose theoretical and epistemological foundations are under dense discussion. Galáxia publishes articles dealing primarily with research in the area of communication, at the interface with other areas of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Its abbreviated title is Galáxia (São Paulo), which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and strips.


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