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Scope and Policy

The journal has a scientific council and a group of peer reviewers ad hoc composed of renowned experts in the thematic areas of Communication Science.  The scientific council is composed of thematic and editorial members of the journal, who are also reviewers. However, when specific expertise is needed, depending on the topic of the article, the editor may summon reviewers ad hoc.  The selection process involves the evaluation of articles by two or three experts.  The selection of reviews and news will be made by members of the scientific council, but is open to suggestions from the entire scientific community. Each article is sent to two reviewers, in the blind peer review process (blind peer review).   If one of the reviewers approves a manuscript and the other does not recommend its publication, the manuscript is submitted to a third opinion, after due review. This opinion breaks the tie.  Any manuscript, Brazilian or foreign, is subjected to the same system of evaluation.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

1. The Editorial Board of Galaxia journal's accepts original and unpublished works (individual and collective authorship) by doctoral students or PhDs in the form of scientific papers effectively related to researches, as well as reviews of books, DVDs etc., in the field of Communication.

2. Submitted in their final version (preliminary versions will not be accepted) directly to the journal's system after the author establishes a login and password as AUTHOR.

3. Texts should be linked explicitly to research in this field. Articles that have already been published will be accepted only if

[a] they are out of print or are difficult for Brazilian researchers to come by;
[b] translated from the original language into another;
[c] for any other relevant and justified reason or circumstance, at the discretion of the Editorial Board, with a view to promoting scientific debate in the country.

4. Contributions can be submitted in five languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian or English. e não devem estar em processo de avaliação para publicação, em outra revista; caso contrário, justificar em "Comentários ao Editor".

5. Before submitting a manuscript, the author should remove his name and any possible reference to himself in the references. Information about the author's name and a mini bio with explicit academic degree, as well as institutional affiliation, city, state and country, should be included in the SEER system, outside of the text file. The author cedes the copyright of his text to Galaxia journal.

6. . The identification of authorship of this work has been removed from the file and the Properties option in Word, thus ensuring the confidentiality criterion of the magazine, should the text be subjected to peer review (e.g. manuscripts), according to instructions available in Ensuring Blind Peer Review.

7. When required by the system, present, in the appropriate place after the abstract, the academic and professional credentials of the author(s), on no more than 5 lines, followed by a valid email address. This information should not be included in the text, in order not to impair the blind peer review process.

8. Every scientific manuscript will be submitted to the Scientific Council for two opinions. If one opinion is in favor of its publication and the other is not, the text may be revised by the author and resubmitted to the Editor, whereupon it will be analyzed by a third peer reviewer. For more information about the peer review system adopted by the journal, check the topic Processo de Avaliação pelos Pares.

9. The authors are responsible for the content of their manuscripts, including the ethicality and originality of the text. The use of plagiarism implies immediate exclusion of the manuscript from the evaluation system.

10. If the text is reprinted in another work of the author, the magazine should be informed and information that the text was previously published in Galaxia journal should be included.

11. Entries must follow the guidelines of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT, 2002) Nos. NBR 6023 (bibliographic referencing) and NBR 10520 (in-text citations). The Editorial Board will not accept texts that are not in line with the aforementioned standards.

12. It's author's responsibility to obtain permission to reproduce illustrations.

13. The Editorial Board reserves the right to make all formal changes necessary in the texts to fit the magazine's graphic design.

14. All Web pages addresses (URLs) in the text (eg should be active and ready to click.

15. Manuscripts must be submitted in format doc or rtf and should not exceed 2MB.


Send of the manuscripts

 Originals can be sent at any time of year, remaining the platform always open to new submissions. The author must register and to obey the Rules for submission, indicated on the journal website.

URL for online submissions:


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