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Scope and policy

Gestão & Produção is directed to professors, lectures and researchers in the Industrial Engineering and Operations Management field; graduate and undergraduate students of Industrial Engineering and Operations Management; practitioners from companies or research centers which apply methods or techniques of Industrial Engineering and Operations Management field.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Gestão & Produção is devoted to publish:

  1. articles which represent a technical and scientific advance;
  2. articles which present and analyze case studies or present results from practical application;
  3. articles in which a complete revision of a theme or subject is made;
  4. articles in which partial, but useful, revision is made which makes a relevant contribution to the field; and
  5. articles in which a critical analysis is made of an articles previously published on Gestão & Produção.

All submitted manuscripts should contain original research, except for those previously published in scientific conference proceedings and which contain novel theoretical contributions, or those published in foreign journals of minor circulation within the Brazilian scientific community.

Works will be evaluated by at least two referees (blind-review) and all reviews will be analyzed by the Editorial Board. The accepted manuscripts that were retained for review have to be reevaluated before publication to verify the completion of the referees' assignment.

The members of the Consulting Board are the representatives of Gestão & Produção in their institutions and they can be part of the referee board during the year. In the first edition of each volume, a list of referees who evaluated manuscripts to last volume is published. The official language is Portuguese but the manuscript can be submitted in English or Spanish when at least one of the authors is a non-Portuguese speaker.

The manuscripts must be typed in Word for Windows®, Times New Roman font with point size 12, and 1.5 line spacing. The all margins should be 2.5 cm. The paper size must be A4 (210 x 297 mm). The maximum file size for each manuscript is 3 MB. Each manuscript should be minimum 18 pages and maximum 22 pages not including references. Type-5 manuscripts (see editorial policy above for more information) should include 10 pages maximum.

The manuscript structure must be:

  • title;
  • authors (name, affiliation, address, and e-mail - when the authors are from the same institution do not repeat the affiliation);
  • abstract;
  • key words, maximum of six;
  • text;
  • acknowledgements;
  • attachments;
  • references;
  • title in Portuguese;
  • abstract in Portuguese; and
  • key words in Portuguese.

The illustrations with good print quality must be part of the text. Otherwise, they should be attached to the text and their positions clearly indicated. There is no color print.

Do not include footnotes. The mathematic equations must be numbered consecutively. Foreign words which appears in the text must be in italics (e.g. et al.). The references must follow the Harvard style and a list of them must present at the end of text classified by the first author's last name.

Incomplete manuscripts will be rejected; a complete manuscript has to be submitted.

After submitting the manuscript, all authors are required to sign and send The Journal of Management & Production's Copyright Transfer Agreement" ( to the following address:

Journal of Management & Production

Federal University of São Carlos

Department of Production Engineering

P.O. Box 676

13565-905 - São Carlos - São Paulo- Brazil

The authors can check the submission status of their manuscript online at

Upon submission of articles the authors encmainham the Journal a copyright term of the article.

The Journal adopts iThenticate system for plagiarism identification.


Manuscript submission

As of April 2009, manuscripts should be submitted online to the Journal of Management & Production at

There are no fees for submission and review articles.


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