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Basic information

História, Ciências, SaúdeManguinhos is a quarterly publication of the Casa de Oswaldo Cruz, a division within the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation that is devoted to research, teaching, and the communication of the history of science and health, and that also manages and preserves the Foundation’s cultural heritage and memory.

História, Ciências, SaúdeManguinhos was launched in July 1994, and since 1998 has also been available in a digital version. In 2000, the journal became part of the SciELO portal. Articles are accepted in Portuguese, Spanish, and English through online submission. No fees are charged. Since 2006, some articles accepted for publication in Portuguese and Spanish have been translated into English and released in the e-journal. In addition to four regular issues, the journal publishes one to two special issues each year, in both print and digital formats.

História, Ciências, SaúdeManguinhos features articles that explore the production of knowledge and practices in the life sciences and health from a historical perspective, encompassing the fields’ various social, political, and cultural dimensions. The journal also publishes articles on science communication and the preservation and management of cultural heritage in the realm of science and health.

The journal welcomes unpublished original articles and research notes (self-contained or as part of dossiers), interviews, reviews of books and digital publications, and documents and images of historical value. All content is available online in open access format.

Qualis-Capes, the Brazilian system of classifying scientific production, currently rates the journal as A1 in the categories of History, Sociology, Interdisciplinary, and Education and as A2 in Architecture and Urbanism, the Arts, Political Science and International Relations, Communication and Information, Teaching, Urban and Regional Planning/Demography, and Social Service. The journal is a member of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).


Indexing sources

The journal is currently indexed by:
  • DOAJ – Directory of Open Access Journals
  • Medline
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  • Arts & Humanities Citation Index
  • Redalyc
  • HAPI – Hispanic American Periodicals Index
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Intellectual property

All História, Ciências, Saúde – Manguinhos content is released under licenses from Creative Commons, except where otherwise noted.



The publication of the journal receives financial support from:

  • Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (Capes)
  • Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq)
  • Wellcome Trust

The journal is funded by the Casa de Oswaldo Cruz – Fiocruz, with additional support from CNPq, Capes, and Wellcome Trust.



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