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Aim and editorial policy

História, Ciências, Saúde - Manguinhos (HCSM) publishes original articles and research notes, documents and images of historical value, debates, interviews, book reviews, and digital production of relevance to the history of science and health.

Submission of an article is taken to imply that it has not previously been published and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.

Manuscripts submitted to any section of HCSM are evaluated by members of the Editorial Board and by ad hoc peer reviewers. When changes or corrections are suggested, the original is returned to the author(s). Publication assigns full copyright in all languages to the Casa de Oswaldo Cruz (COC).

The editors reserve the right to edit submissions in accordance with the journal’s guidelines (including length). Changes will not modify style or content.


Analysis - Analytical texts based on studies or research on topics of interest to HCSM (up to 9,000 words).

Interviews - Interviews with individuals whose personal stories or professional accomplishments are relevant to the fields of the history of science or health (up to 6,000 words).

Images - Texts that draw from images, photographs, engravings, drawings, and so on, in black and white or color, accompanied by captions and an introductory text (up to eight pages of images; up to 5,000 words of text).

Sources - Texts that disseminate information on libraries, archives, or collections; transcribed documents or facsimile reproductions; rare works; or scientific collections that are of relevance to research on the history of science or health, described or analyzed in an introductory text (up to 5,000 words).

Debate - Historical or current topics proposed by the editors or contributors and debated by specialists who deliver their points of view (up to 6,000 words).

Research Notes - Shorter and less complete than an article, these preliminary reports highlight hypotheses, progress, or challenges in research underway, with analyses of sources, methods, and techniques and foreseeable implications (up to 3,000 words).

Books & Networks - Reviews and critical analyses of published works, films, and videos, as well as material on computer networks and databases (up to 1,000 words).

Letters - Comments and critiques of articles or any other text published in prior issues of HCSM, or opinions on subjects of general interest to readers (up to 1,000 words).


Manuscript formatting

Os originais devem ser submetidos pelo endereço:

HCSM accepts submissions to any department in Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French. Manuscripts should be Windows compatible. They should be accompanied by a cover page bearing title; name(s) of author(s); full name of institution(s) to which affiliated; position(s); institution’s complete address(es); email.

Manuscript font should be Times New Roman, size 12, with 1.5 spacing.

Word count should include notes and references.

In-text citations should include author, year, and page. All quotations from sources not in English should be translated into English; the original text may be included in a note, at the author’s discretion.

Please highlight terms or expressions in the text using double quotation marks rather than italics or bold.

Illustrations - Tables, figures, engravings, illustrations, graphs, and drawings in general should be submitted in files separate from the text itself. Digital images should have a true resolution (not interpolated) of at least 600 dpi, actual size, saved in JPEG format, and in RGB colors. Chrome film or slides should be submitted with a true resolution (not interpolated) of at least 2,500 dpi. Tables should be in Word, while graphs and spreadsheets should be in Excel, with title and source always included. Images cannot be attached in Word files, since the quality of resolution is insufficient for offset printing. Digital camera images should have a resolution of at least 3 megapixels (high definition). All images should be properly numbered and captioned, with source indicated.

Abstracts - Articles should include an abstract in the source language, not to exceed 120 words.

Keywords - Authors should provide up to five keywords representative of submission content, in the source language.

Nomenclature - Norms regarding zoological and botanical nomenclature should be strictly observed, including the abbreviations and conventions adopted in specialized disciplines.

Notes - Notes should be used only when strictly necessary. In Word, they should be inserted as consecutively numbered endnotes rather than as footnotes. Mention of cited documents or works should be confined to References and not placed in notes.

References - A complete list of cited titles and documents should be placed at the end of the article, in a single section entitled References (without sub-divisions into books, periodicals, documents, and so on).



MEINIG, Donald William. The shaping of America: a geographical perspective on 500 years of history. New Haven: Yale University Press. 1993.
In-text citation (Meinig, 1993)


GLICK, Thomas F. The Rockefeller Foundation and the emergence of genetics in Brazil, 1943-1960. In: Cueto, Marcos (Org.). Missionaries of science: the Rockefeller Foundation and Latin America. Indianapolis: Indiana University Press. p.149-164. 1994.
In-text citation (Glick, 1994)


GRANOVETTER, Mark. Network sampling: some first steps. The American Journal of Sociology, v.81, n.6, p.1287-1303. 1976.
In-text citation (Granovetter, 1976)


ALMEIDA, Sílvia Capanema P. de. Nous, marins, citoyens brésiliens et républicains: identités, modernité et mémoire de la révolte des matelots de 1910. Thèse (Ph.d.) - École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris. 2009.
In-text citation (Almeida, 2009)

ARCHIVE DOCUMENT (handwritten, typed, etc.)

ARANHA, Luís de Freitas Vale. Carta a José Pinto. Arquivo Pedro Ernesto Batista, série Correspondência; PEB c 1935.01.15 (Centro de Pesquisa e Documentação de História Contemporânea do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro). 15 jan. 1935.
In-text citation (Aranha, 15 jan. 1935)

Check the instructions on how to format references (in Portuguese).

No manuscripts are returned.

The approval of the originals for publication requires assignment of article rights to the journal, which follows the determinations of the license 'CCBY 4.0'.

There are no fees for submission and evaluation of articles.

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