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Interface – Comunicação, Saúde, Educação is an open, interdisciplinary, quarterly, on-line line journal published by Unesp (Health Education and Communication Laboratory - Public Health Department, School of Medicine of Botucatu).

It focuses on Education and Communication in health practices, education of health professionals (both university-based and inservice education) and Collective Health in its articulation with Philosophy, Arts and the Social and Human Sciences. Critical and innovative approaches and qualitative research are prioritized.

It was launched in August 1997 with the aim of stimulating debate and disseminating knowledge about the contemporary issues that challenge the field of Health and its articulation with Communication and Education.

Interface’s editorial project expresses the different experiences of the team that was responsible for its formulation and organization: a space for knowledge production and reflection on the encounter of areas that have been traditionally conceived within distinct epistemologies and semantic fields. Since its creation, it has been supported by the idea of a moving project, committed to the visibility of and access to the scientific knowledge that is produced in the interdisciplinary confluence among the areas of Communication, Health and Education.

In 2010, in view of the submissions’ profile, its scope was delimited within two large knowledge areas: Education and Collective Health. Regarding the former, it focuses on the education of health professionals (both university-based and continuing education), and concerning the latter, on the articulation with Philosophy and the Social and Human Sciences. In the confluence of these areas, the journal’s scope is Education and Communication in health practices.

Interface is a publication with international dissemination. It has been receiving an increasing number of contributions from authors in different countries, mainly Portugal, Spain, Latin American and Caribbean countries. To amplify this collaboration, the journal currently has diverse assistant editors from these regions.

Interface has rigorously maintained its periodicity without delays since its creation, in 1997, as a biannual journal. From 2004 to 2007 it was published three times per year and, in 2008, it became a quarterly journal.

All the journal’s articles are published in a continuous flow, ahead of print in the SciELO collection, already with a DOI number. This enables them to be available in this database for consultation, which means that they can be cited even before they are published in the online/digital version.

Interface follows the principles of ethics in scientific publications that are contained in the code of conduct of the Committee on Publication Ethics.

The journal’s abbreviated title is Interface (Botucatu). This title must be used in bibliographies, footnotes, captions and references.


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