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  • Prof. Dr. Karin Hermana Neppelenbroek (FOB-USP, Brasil) –



  • Prof. Dr. Vanessa Soares Lara (FOB-USP, Brasil)


Associate Editors

  • Prof. Dr. Ana Paula Campanelli (FOB-USP, Bauru, Brazil)
  • Prof. Dr. Ariadne M. Letra (University of Texas at Houston, USA)
  • Prof. Dr. Carlos Ferreira dos Santos (FOB-USP, Bauru, Brazil)
  • Prof. Dr. Estevam Augusto Bonfante(FOB-USP, Bauru, Brazil)
  • Prof. Dr. Gustavo Pompermaier Garlet (FOB-USP, Bauru, Brazil)
  • Prof. Dr. Josette Camilleri (University of Malta, Malta)
  • Prof. Dr. Katia de Freitas Alvarenga (FOB-USP, Bauru, Brazil)
  • Prof. Dr. Linda Wang (FOB-USP, Bauru, Brazil)
  • Prof. Dr. Marco Antonio Hungaro Duarte (FOB-USP, Bauru, Brazil)
  • Prof. Dr. Paulo César Rodrigues Conti (FOB-USP, Bauru, Brazil)
  • Prof. Dr. Renato Menezes Silva (University of Texas at Houston, USA)
  • Prof. Dr. Rolando Vernal Astudillo (Universidad de Chile, Chile)
  • Prof. Dr. Walter Luiz Siqueira (University of Western Ontario, Canada)


Editorial production

  • Journalist
    Neimar Vitor Pavarini - Mtb 25076
  • Cover and Picture Designer
    Camila Medina
  • Librarians
    Valéria Cristina Trindade Ferraz - CRB 8ª. 4720
    José Roberto Plácido Amadei - CRB 8. 7324
    Deborah Schmidt Capella Junqueira - CRB 8ª. 8519
  • Statistics Consultant
    Prof. Dr. Heitor Marques Honório


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