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Annual subscription fees for the printed version (one volume with six issues from 2006) of the Journal Of Applied Oral Science are:

Issues published before 2006

  • Brasil: R$ 60,00
  • Foreign countries: U$ 60.00

Issues published after 2006

  • Brasil: R$ 120,00
  • Foreign countries: U$ 100.00

Single issues can be purchased by the following prices:

  • Brasil: R$ 20,00
  • Foreign countries: U$ 20.00

In order to subscribe, please mail or fax your proof of deposit in one of the following accounts to Faculdade de Odontologia de Bauru.

  • Nossa Caixa
    Agency 0033-7
    account 13-000399-6


  • Banco do Brasil
    Agency 3015-5
    account 5979-X

or mail a personal check to the address below.

Phone: +55 14 3235-8373 (Att Sônia)

Fax: +55 14 3235-8330

Full papers are also available in pdf format from the site:


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