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Anual Subscription: R$ 90,00 (natural person)
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Previous Issues: R$ 25,00 each – 4 editions per year.

The subscription payment must be done through nominee bank deposit:

Banco do Brasil
agency: 2234-9 – Governo
current account: 957.333-X
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and be sent forward along with the subscription form by fax: (5521) 2543-3101
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Editoria do Jornal Brasileiro de Psiquiatria
Av. Venceslau Brás, 71 – Fundos
22290-140 – Rio de Janeiro, RJ – Brasil
Phone: (5521) 2295-2549
Fax: (5521) 2543-3101

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22295-140 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil
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