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Scope and policy

We are proud to state that the Journal of Transport Literature (JTL-RELIT) is the only scientific journal in the world with a focus on transportation problems of emerging and developing countries. We welcome contributions of scientific research regarding transportation problems from both corporate and public policies standpoints. JTL publishes original research papers on all aspects of transport economics and management, covering all transport means and associated infrastructure.

The articles will be evaluated by at least two consultants of the research area of knowledge, educational institutions and / or national and international research, proven scientific production. After the corrections and possible suggestions, the article will be accepted if you have two positive and rejected when two opinions are unfavorable.

Articles accepted for publication become property of the journal.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Authors must follow the following guidelines for manuscript formatting:

  • Text editor: MS Word;
  • Paper size: A4 (29.7 cm x 21 cm);
  • Margins: top - 3 cm, bottom - 3 cm, left - 3 cm, right - 2 cm;
  • Font: Times New Roman, size 12, regular style, no effects.
  • Paragraph - idents and spacing: alignment - justified; Identation: left - 0 cm, right - 0 cm, special - none; spacing: before - 0 pt, after - 12 pt, line spacing - 1.5.
  • Number of pages: minimum of twelve (12) and a maximum of forty (40), including tables, figures, references and appendices.
  • No page numbering; no automatic numbering of sections and subsections.
  • Figures and tables: They must be in high resolution and preferably in gray scale. The only allowed labels are "Figure" and "Table". Please check for an illustration of formatting framework.
  • Citations and references: please check for an illustration of formatting framework.
  • The first page of the manuscript must contain its title, abstract and keywords in English and in one alternative language (for papers not written in English). The manuscript should contain no author information.


Submission of manuscripts

Submissions of new manuscripts must be sent directly to the Editor-in-Chief by email ( Authors must submit their manuscripts along with a submission form available at The Editor-in-Chief will reply to the authors with a submission acknowledgement email and will send a paper tracking code. Authors typically receive their first feedback within a three months period or less. Accepted languages for manuscript submission are Portuguese, English and Spanish.

There are no fees for submission and review articles.


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