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Scope and policy

The following rule is currently inserted (in Portuguese) in the back cover of Lua Nova:

"Save exceptional cases, the originals must be comprised within 30 pages of 2100 characters (double spaced paragraph). The author shall send an analytical summary of the article no longer than 10 lines. Lua Nova accepts recommendations of articles, but all the collaborations will be submitted to the Journal’s Editorial Board, to which belongs the final decision on the publication. The Editorial Board holds the right of suggesting to the authors alterations in the feature of the articles, under the aim of fitting it either to the journal’s dimensions or to its editorial pattern.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

In case of approval, the author shall send to the Journal’s board one sample in diskette, the least formatted as possible, following specially the pattern for footnotes and bibliography. The publication of the article’s content is the responsibility of the author, it does not express the views of the Editorial Board.


Sending of manuscripts

The recommendation of collaborators and the subscriptions demands shall be sent to CEDEC in address above.


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