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Basic Information

MERCATOR is a privileged space for divulgation of scientific works resultant of dense research (from masters, doctorates and similars) addressing prominent issues to the academic society, natural and social sciences.

MERCATOR seeks to contribute in the dissemination of reflexions about current topics related to the field of geography, such as: environmental issues, modernization of the countryside, use and conservation of natural resources, urban issues and metropolization processes, nature’s dynamic, social movements in the countryside and cities, tourism and coastal transformation, regional issues, geoprocessing, globalization and development.

MERCATOR, Geography Journal from the Federal University of Ceará associated to the Graduation in Geography aims to strengthen the scientific propagation channel in the Brazilian Geography. Currently occupies a prominent role in the area of geography, being the only journal in the northeast with grade A1 from QUALIS-PERIODIC 2013 (CAPES).

Created in 2002, in print with biannual periodicity, in the year 2008 established itself as electronic journal, adopting base provided by the IBICT (SEER/OJS) to expand access to its public and facilitate referral procedures and analysis of papers submitted. In 2009, with the increasing number of submissions to the journal, the frequency is changed to quarterly, further reinforcing the role of knowledge transmission in the area of geography.

Electronic access expands its range, enabling free access to the scientific production disseminated, both old numbers (printed version available in PDF) as recent numbers, available only in electronic form.

That MERCATOR, now in electronic format, continue instigating reflections and analyzes, as its name evokes, homage to the great geographer, reformulator of geography in the XVI century.


Its abbreviated title is MERCATOR (Fortaleza), which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and strips.


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Intellectual Property

  • All content of the journal, except where identified, is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution-type BY.
  • The Mercator (Fortaleza) adopted until Apr/2015 the Creative Commons license attribution-type BY-NC. Actually, the license is the attribution-type BY.


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