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Scope and Policy

Motriz is a journal of the Department of Physical Education, quarterly published by the Department of Physical Education, Institute of Biosciences, São Paulo State University at Rio Claro, State of São Paulo, Brazil, under a Creative Common License, Version 3.0.

CNPq Areas of knowledge: Motriz is ranked in the Health Sciences area - - Physical Education.

Since 2007, manuscripts have been published exclusively in an electronic format (i.e., SEER system).

Motriz’ mission is to publish original research in human movement sciences and areas related to sport and exercise (e.g., physical education, sports, physical therapy, special education, psychology, etc.).

Motriz uses the "Open Access" policy, allowing free-of-charge and unrestricted access to its contents. Online-only submission is permitted and, after successful registration on the Journal’s website, it is the author’s responsibility. Submissions printed on paper are not accepted.

Published manuscripts are entirely the responsibility of the authors and do not reflect opinions or personal views of Motriz Journal editors or associate editors.

Motriz publishes the following sections:


Editors-in-Chief of Motriz Journal are responsible to write this Editorial section

Full paper (over 10 printed pages) and short paper (under 10 printed pages)

Articles in these categories are the results of empirically- or theoretically-based scientific research, which employ scientific methods, and which report experimental or observational aspects of human movement, such as medical, biochemical, psychological or social characteristics. Descriptive analyses or data inferences should include rigorous methodological structure as well as sound theory. Your manuscript should include the following sections: Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion. "Full papers" are manuscripts that are 30, single-spaced pages or more (at reviewers and editors' discretion to obtain clarity and objectivity). "Short papers" are manuscripts that are less than 30 single-spaced pages in length.


This category includes papers with analytical discussions about a particular area of specialty, or about new technologies or techniques. Analytical discussions in a critique must be contextualized with regard to current and specialized literature.

Experiential report

This category of paper includes original and unique descriptions of practical or experimental settings that relate to the Journal's areas of interest. It includes case studies, clinical trials, pedagogical experiences, and the development of a method, and uses descriptive data analysis, conceptual implications, description of procedures or intervention strategies. Studies in this category must be supported by methodologically appropriate evidence.

Invited paper and award paper

This category includes invited papers from authors with outstanding scientific credentials. Nomination of invited authors is at the discretion of the Motriz Editorial Board. Motriz also publishes award papers selected by the scientific committee of the International Congress of Human Movement Sciences and the São Paulo Symposium of Physical Education. These papers appear in one issue every two years.

Supplemental Issue of the International Congress of Human Movement Sciences and the São Paulo Symposium of PE

The Supplemental Issue includes abstracts of oral and poster presentations, approved by the Scientific Committee of the International Congress of Physical Education and Human Movement and the São Paulo Symposium of Physical Education. The Supplemental Issue appears once every two years.

Invited author

This category includes invited authors with outstanding scientific credentials. Nomination of invited authors is at the discretion of the Motriz editorial board.

Regardless the section, human or animal studies must comply with official ethic's committee standards.

Peer Review Process

An original manuscript submitted for publication will be submitted to the review process as long as it fits the following criteria:

the study was not previously published, nor has been submitted simultaneously for consideration of publication elsewhere;

  • all persons listed as authors approved its submission to Motriz;
  • any person cited as a source of personal communication has approved the quote;
  • the opinions expressed by the authors are their exclusive responsibility;
  • the author signs a formal statement that the submitted manuscript complies with the directions and guidelines of Motriz.

The editors-in-chief and associate editors will make a preliminary analysis regarding the appropriateness, quality, originality and written style/grammar of the submitted manuscript. The editors reserve the right to request additional information, corrections, and guideline compliance before they submit the manuscript to the ad hoc review process.

Motriz uses ad hoc reviewers, who volunteer to analyze the merit of the study. Typically, one or two expert reviewers are consulted in a double-blind process. Authors are notified by e-mail when their submission has been accepted (or rejected).

Minor changes in the text may be made at the discretion of the editors-in-chief and/or associate editors.

Changes can include spelling and grammar in the English language, written style, journal citations, and reference guidelines. The author is notified of changes via email. The final version is available to the author for his or her approval before it is published.

Submitted material includes:

A signed form that states that the study was not previously published, nor has been submitted simultaneously for consideration of publication elsewhere, that states that all of the authors are in agreement with submission of the manuscript to Motriz. Authors shall download the "Authors agreement" form indicating the conditions of their submission, with signatures and identification of each author (after it is signed, this file can be converted to pdf format and uploaded in the Journal's system). This form includes procedures for copyrights and ethics in research. For those studies using animal models and human interaction (whether the research uses direct contact and/or intervention with humans, is about humans, or simply observes humans, the study must be approved by an institutional ethics committee). In such cases, an approval number and identification of the ethics committee must be disclosed and the latter should be inserted into the "Method' section of the final (approved) manuscript.

Studies that employ documents, public domain media information, or meta-analyses are waived from this requirement. An official Ethics Committee document may be requested by the editor. Whether or not your study uses humans or animals, this document must be completed and signed by all authors and attached as supplementary file in the Motriz electronic system of the originally submitted manuscript.

["Author's agreement" Form]

Also, a supplementary "conflict of interest" document must be uploaded and shall be signed by each author.

["Disclosure of Potential Conflict of Interest" Form]

Publication frequency

UNESP Motriz is a refereed and indexed scientific journal, quarterly published by the Department of Physical Education, Institute of Biosciences, São Paulo State University at Rio Claro, State of São Paulo, Brazil.

Since 2007, manuscripts have been published exclusively in an electronic format (i.e., SEER system). Motriz publishes ahead of print articles, i.e., the complete content of each article is individually published on the server as they are finalized.

Open access policy

Motriz uses the "Open Access" policy, allowing free-of-charge and unrestricted access to its contents. Online-only submission is permitted and it is the author’s responsibility after successful registration on the Journal’s website. Submissions printed on paper are not accepted.


Motriz utilizes the LOCKSS system to create a distributed file system among participating libraries and allows them to create permanent archives of the journal for the preservation and restoration of files. ""


Manuscript configuration and preparation

Format and Guidelines

Motriz uses the APA guidelines (American Psychological Association) for writing style, references, citations, and other technical details.

Some links for purchasing the APA manual and free-access APA resources.

Authors must comply with Motriz guidelines and APA guidelines. Manuscripts that are not in agreement with the guidelines will be archived and the review process will be automatically terminated.


Original manuscript shall be written in English (US style).


A single file of the manuscript, non-identified (for the blind review process), produced with a word processor, will be uploaded onto the Journal’s website. Main manuscript or supplementary files should not be converted in pdf format. The manuscript shall be double-spaced, Times font, size 12 pt., text left justified, with number of pages limited as the sections above. Page margin size is 2.5 cm top and bottom, and 3 cm left and right sides. Footnotes shall be numbered according to their appearance in the text. Indicate the location of figures and tables as they appear in the text. Figures and tables must be inserted at the end of the manuscript, properly numbered and labeled. If the manuscript is approved, a jpg or tif file for each figure will be requested. Each page must be numbered, with lines numbered in order to facilitate the review process. Include: Title, abstracts and keywords in English, Portuguese and Spanish versions;

Length: 150 words. Abstract should include statement of the problem, purpose, generalities about the method, results (do not include statistical data), and conclusions or theoretical implications. List three to four keywords, separated by comma.

Cover sheet

Separately uploaded, cover sheet that includes the following information:

  • identified cover sheet including: title (limited to 10 words) and short title (limited to 3 words);
  • identification of authors and affiliations;
  • chosen Journal’s section;
  • a short title;
  • address of the corresponding author (including telephone and email address);
  • acknowledgements (when appropriate: grant, collaborators, partner institutions, etc.);
  • additional information, whenever appropriate: study is part of a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation;
  • part of the study presented in conferences with abstract publication.

Manuscript sections

Section title (bold), subtitle (italic), left justified. Do not include numbers or letters before these titles/subtitles.


Avoid footnotes. If present, use corresponding numbers at the end of the concept, and describe it at the end of the manuscript.

Figures and Tables

Figures and tables each should be numbered and inserted at the end of the manuscript. Each figure and table must have an accompanying legend. Also, figures should be separately uploaded as separate jpeg files and properly identified with a corresponding number (i.e., Figure1.jpg). Please indicate in the manuscript the location for placement of the figures and tables. The quality of figures must be observed for readability, clarity, and objectivity. Do not insert tables ‘as objects' or ‘images' within the manuscript document. Tables should be word processor constructed. Supplemental files cannot exceed 100 MB each.

Addendum or appendix

Include additional research details (description; historical remarks, formulas, methodological details) not suitable for footnotes. Hypermedia resources (audio, video, Flash animation) files can be linked to the manuscript.


The submitted work must be original, not previously published in part or in its entirety, or is not simultaneously submitted elsewhere (except in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture or academic monograph, thesis, or dissertation).

Copyrights of published articles are the property of Motriz, and under no circumstance will the Journal transfer rights of published work. Reproduction of portions of published articles in other publications, or for any other use, is subject to written permission by the editors-in-chief. Reproductions of published work by Motriz, under a maximum of 500 words, are allowed with proper citation references and quotations.

Authors partially reproducing others' published work-whether by a different author or his or her own-exceeding 500 words, or that includes tables, figures, and other illustrations, must have written permission from the author and/or journal holding copyrights of such work. We strongly discourage authors who include multiple reproductions of published work in order to avoid perceptions of plagiarism or self-plagiarism by reviewers and the editorial board.

Upon acceptance of an article, authors will be asked to complete a "Journal Publishing Agreement." Acceptance of the agreement includes compliance to legal conditions about dissemination of information. An email will be sent to the corresponding author confirming receipt of the manuscript together with a "Journal Publishing Agreement" form or a link to the online version of this agreement.

Motriz reserves all rights of its published articles. Therefore, any duplication of information conveyed in the journal or previously published in another publication (either from materials published by the authors themselves or from authorship of others) is considered copyright infringement. This is a very serious breach of ethics, and, in such cases, disciplinary measures will be taken (e.g., retraction of the article; suspension of the implicated authors and co-authors for a minimum period of five years, or upon discretion of the editorial board).


Send of the manuscripts

Online Submission Process

Authors must register before submitting their work. Registration requires enter identification details and a password to access the "author's area."

After receiving username and password in the identified e-mail, authors can proceed with the submission process, edit their professional information, and follow the submission process and access recommendations posted by the editors and/or reviewers. If manuscript is finally accepted, authors also follow the editorial process of publication of their contribution.

The author will be able to upload the manuscript, follow the review process, and maintain communication with the editorial board. The corresponding author can be the main author or co-author. The corresponding author is responsible for the manuscript submission. Manuscript and additional files must be uploaded in MSWord file.doc format. The accepted final version is published in PDF format.

Each document file is size limited to 100 MB.

All correspondence, including notification of the Editor's decision and requests for revision, takes place by email and removes the need for a paper trail.

A brief resume or CV for each contributing author can be written online by the author (for Brazilian authors, "author's domain" CNPq Lattes CV can be used as part of the author's biography). This information is available if the manuscript is accepted for publication in Motriz.

Motriz includes two instructional videos: How to register? How to submit an article?
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