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Scope and policy

Novos Estudos has been published for over 30 years by CEBRAP (Brazilian Centre for Analysis and Planning). The journal aims to present in-depth analysis about humanities, and contributes to the discussion of ideas in a broad range of subjects, from arts to public politics.

It’s a four-monthly journal that publishes articles, debates, interviews, reviews and fiction written by Brazilian and foreign authors.

Texts sent to the editor are examined by the Editorial Board, that meets regularly to discuss each number, and by specialists ad hoc.


Manuscript preparation

Articles should be no longer than 40 thousand characters, and the summary should be no longer than 5 lines. Authors must inform their institutional, positions and titles. Charts, tables and figures should be sent in black/white, attached as an independent electronic file.

Reviews should be no longer than 20 thousand characters, using an appropriate short title and complete bibliographical references, including the number of pages. Quotations must be followed by the page number. Each author receives 1 sample of the journal.

Text files should be in Microsoft Word (or compatible). The author’s name should be suppressed to ensure anonymity in the analysis process.

Complete bibliographical references must be footnoted, in accordance with the requirements mentioned below:

# Book: Schwarz, Roberto. Um mestre na periferia do capitalismo.
São Paulo: Duas Cidades, 1990.

# Article in na Anthology: Hasenbalg, Carlos. "Entre o mito e os fatos: racismo e relações raciais no Brasil". In: Maio, Marcos Ch. e Santos, Ricardo V. (orgs.). Raça, ciência e sociedade. Rio de Janeiro: Fiocruz/CCBB, 1996.

# Article in journal: Giannotti, José Arthur. "Dialética futurista e outras demãos". Novos Estudos. São Paulo: Cebrap, no 57, julho de 2000.

# Theses and Dissertations: Rodrigues, Thiago M. S. de. Política e drogas nas Américas.

São Paulo: dissertação de mestrado, Faculdade de Ciências Sociais da PUC-SP, 2001.


Sending of manuscripts

Sending of articles solely through the Scielo Publishing System:

There is no fee for submission and evaluation articles.


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